iTunes to Android: What You Need To Know

Transferring iTunes from an apple handset to another has been made easy by AppleCompany, but moving from apple handset to a android powered handset can be a daunting task. This is why many people are usually afraid of shifting from using an iPhone to android for fear of losing their great songs in their iTunes playlist.

But you should not be scared any more! The advancement in technology led to establishment of various ways that you can follow to transfer your iTunes to android. How? Continue reading.

This article provides some of the ways that you can use to transfer your iTunes to android and continue enjoying your favorite songs. However, it is important to understand that some methods may not suit some android phones because of their internal set up or android version.

Drag and Drop Method

Drag and drop method has often been in use since the invention of flash discs. This same method is now applicable in sending iTunes to android-powered device.  The process is pretty simple especially if you are already familiar with sending songs from one device to another using a USB.

Under this drag and drop method, all you need to do is to use USB cable to connect your iPhone to a tablet, laptop or personal computer. From this point you just follow the obvious steps that are used in sending songs from your phone to the computer.

First locate the position of your iTunes. Once you locate the folder with the iTunes, click on the iTunes and drag them to the computer. This process can be conducted on a wide range of computers with different operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 10 and other compatible operating systems.

Now, from your computer, you can just drag and drop the iTunes to an android phone connected to the computer using a different USB cable.

This method is highly preferred by many people because it is relatively easy to use and transfer iTunes to android.  However, the method is less effective especially when sending many songs from iTunes playlist to android. But you should not be scared, here is a different approach

Direct one-click transfer

In the drag and drop method, it can be strenuous and time consuming when sending a large collection of iTunes. In this regard, direct one-click transfer is the best option for sending a large number of iTunes.  The direct one-click transfer is easy to use because at a single click, you can send many tunes from your iPhone to android.So how do I go about it?May be you are asking yourself.

Firstly, you are required to download and install iTunes to android transfer on your computer. From the software, click on the switch button at the bottom and chose the iTunes backup file. Then you should connect your android phone using an USB cable. Then, select all the songs that you want and copy to the android phone.

By just clicking all the iTunes from the PC, you will be able to transfer the iTunes with a click of the button.  One click style is more convenient because it allow to send more iTunes from your iPhone to android with ease.

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Using Google Play Music

This method is widely used in a wide range of technological activities because of its compatibility with many devices. Under this process, the Google Play Music App, makes the android device to easily access iTunes through the android operating system. Here is the process:

Press menu and select the Google play music and click on the upload icon then use the option to download the Google Play Music Manager tool.

After installing the Google Manager, you then sign into the Google account. This will immediately start to upload all the iTunes into android.

After android has finished uploading the iTunes, the Google Play Music will immediately make the iTunes compatible with the android operation system.

The three methods of transferring iTunes to android are just but a few of the means that you can continue enjoying your favorite songs. However, if your phone is not compatible with all the three methods, you can seek for more ways that you can transfer iTunes to android from the YouTube or contact your developer.

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