How to use Kodi on Android: Step-by-step Guide

Kodi is widely known for aiding in promoting entertainment at homes. The TV streaming app can be configured to work in virtually all devices. If you love movies, TV shows or even sports, then Kodi app is all you need to install in your devices.

The Transformation of Kodi

Initially, Kodi was meant to be used only in Microsoft Xbox, it has widely been transformed to work with many coders across the world. Kodi has change the way people get live entertainment by making it easy to access a wide range of live entertainment.

The contribution of 500 software developers and approximately 200 translators have shaped the performance of kodi to its current position. Enough with technical information let’s move on to the main purpose of this article.

While originally Kodi was mostly used in laptops, it has been transformed to work in many devices including smartphones, and Amazon Fire TV stick. With android, a considerable number of people are still not conversant on how they can use kodi on their android-powered devices.

In this article, I am providing you with great insights on how you can use Kodi in your android-powered device.

End-User Details of Kodi

First lest start by understand the end-user details of Kodi. The most basic definition of a Kodi is that it is a software tool that turns smartphones and tables into digital boxes giving you an opportunity to stream media content from the internet. 

KodivsChromecast 2 vs Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV

“But, isn’t it similar to Chromecast 2, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick or any other TV stream” You may be asking.

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Well, although it almost similar, it is slightly different because it is not held by the licensing company and therefore gives the user an opportunity to include various add-ons.

This means, unlike other TV streamers, with Kodi, you can watch virtually everything you want. Kodi also comes with an inbuilt UI that makes it easy to peruse through the wide ranging content.

Kodi is very legal, and it is not another box or USB stick that is intended to allow you access media payable media content without paying for. However, it is important ensure that any addon is licensed to ensure that it does not promote spread illegal media content.

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Steps to Take

If you have an android device, to use Kodi, you first need to install it in your phone. With your android device, you can easily download and install Kodi in your phone and enjoy the broad entertainment that it comes with it.

First, it is important to understand that Kodi is readily available on the Google Play Store. In this regard, all you will need to do to start using Kodi in your android phone is to first download and install it in your phone.

Visit Google play store search for Kodi and download it.  

Once you have installed Kodi in your phone, you then proceed to install various addons.

Ones you have the Kodi app in your phone, you can go ahead and enjoy the wide range of entertainment using the various addons.

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