How to use incense pokemon go

Pokemon go is a highly rated video game that is widely played by many people across the world. After its inception in 2016, Pokemon received a positive reception from gamers who praised it for its effects. The game has continued to be upgraded to enhance the experience of the gamers.

Whether you are a game enthusiast or not, Pokemon go will surely give you a good experience that will make you love to play video games. The game is easy to play to because you do not use key pads like in other video games.

Actually, what happens in the pokemon go game is that the player is tasked with capturing interesting creatures called pokemon. First you are given the opportunity to customize your own pokemon which is then given the duty to search for other pokemons. As simples as it may sound, it actually takes a lot of task for you to capture the missing creatures because you have to go through a series of hurdles.  

The best thing about pokemon go video game is that it is all tied to the real life. But how is that? Actually, the game captures the url of you location and uses the same setting of you road and streets when hunting the pokemon.

Why you need to have incense?

Incense is a special fragrance that is used like as a trap for luring monsters to you. The jugs of incenses are offered to the players at every level of the way as they continue to progress in the game. Usually, in the pokemon go, players are engage in the game like they are the actual avatar.

This means you are the one that will be performing the task that will however be performed by the avatar. The augment reality game gives the players an opportunity to directly engage with the game without the intervention of an avatar.

Because of augmentation reality aspect of the game, it is usually not easy to play the game during the rainy season or when you do not feel like going outside. When finding pokemons, you are required literally walk in the street, gyms, churches railway stations in order to find them.

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Using the incense

Incense is specifically very important when you do not want to search for pokemon in the street but rather attract them to yourself. With the incense, you will just wait for the pokemons to come to you then you can easily capture them.

However, against common myth propagated by many people, incense does not only lead to wheedles and rats but helps to increase the total number of pawns. However, the argument on this myth is because when you pop incenses in your house where pidgey and Rattata are common whole day, then you are likely to attract more rats and birds.

Additionally, when you are in a car, the speed of the car can determine the need for incenses. When you are in high speed vehicle, your incense will not help in attracting more pawns. However, when you are riding on the bike you can easily use incense because it can help increase the number of pawns therefore helping you to attract more pawns.

How find incense

Incense can be found in three ways:

Firstly, incense can be earned by successful going through different levels in the game.

You can also get incense by buying using pokemon coins at 80 coins for a bottle of incense or you can buy 25 amount of incense at 1250 pokemon coins. However, it is important to understand that incense is difficult to find therefore should be used wisely.

Incense guide

In the pokemon go, although the entire game is about capturing other pokemons, the process involve engaging leaders in the gym, leveling up and controlling the gym. In trying to successfully go through these steps, incense can be of significant boost. Incense can help players to easily achieve their goals while playing the game. “How exactly?” continue reading:

Actually what incense does is to increase the quantity of pokemon that appear in the area there making it easy for the player to easily capture them. Although the developers of pokemon only explained the incense is used to lure and attract pokemon for them to be easily captured, it requires clear strategy which is offered in this article.

Incense is widely used by the players while seating at home or at the workplace. But is not a very best way of using incense given that it is very rare to find.

At the starting point, a player is offered with two incenses; however as the game progress you get to earn more incense, which is often offered to the trainer. 

When using incense, you should be mindful when and where to use it. Although you can attract many pokemons, you cannot use incense to attract a specific pokemon for instance to fill your pokedex.

How you should do it.

To attract the specific pokemon that you want for a given purpose, you should first open pokemon tracker tool which helps you examine the different pokemon in your area. This gives you a good opportunity to spot the right one that will help you to achieve your objective.

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Even with the incense you will still be required to counter the challenges along the process. This means, you can still loss battles. In this case, your little guy could just have been damaged. But you don’t have to worry because you can always start all over again.

Although incense is usually used by the gamers who do not want to literally walk around, it is usually advisable to avoid that because it only leads to the wastage of the rare product. If you want to find a specific pokemon, it is important to walk around in order to find the specific pokemon that you are looking for.

Additionally, when you are using your incense when you are in static position, pokemons will be appearing after about 5 minutes. However, when you are in a constant motion, you can significantly reduce the time when you walk while using your incense. 

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