How to use Google play music

Google play music is a music streaming site launched by Google itself in November 2011. It is a major competitor to Spotify, Pandora and Apple music. You should know that Google did not launch the complete package at ago.

Initially, the service was only for uploading music so that you could access it anywhere through the web. Then as time went by, the company (Google) launched “Google Play Music All Access”, which is a subscription service for all the music collection in Google play.

Starting it up 

All you would need to use Google play is a Google account. Just log into your account and go to Google Play Music to get started. You will have the option of a basic free service and a subscription service as well.

The free service allows you to upload up to 20000 music files. The size limit is 300 MB. A major plus to using this service is that it supports a range of file formats. The formats include: FLAC, DRM, m4p, .m4a, WMA, AAC, mp3 and OCG.

You should also be glad to know that you can import your iTunes library if you wish. All you would need is to ensure that all your file formats are supported. Files such as WAV, AIFF and RA are not supported by Google play music.

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Google Play Music All Access

This is the subscription service on Google Play Music. By paying a certain monthly fee, you would get access to any track or album within the Google Play library. You would easily download or stream any song of your choice.

However, if at any point you cancel your subscription, all your downloads will be automatically be erased. You can always download your erased content any time you renew your subscription as there is no limit imposed on downloads.

Uploading tracks 

There are two major ways you can employ to upload tracks to Google Play Music. You can use Google Play Music for Chrome or Music manager, an app that lets you specify your folders. We strongly advise you to use the latter option as it is more stable.

The Google play music app

The mobile phone app has both versions of Android and iOS. As you would have guessed by now, the Android version gets better support and is more frequently updated than the iOS version.

With this app, you can create your own playlist as well as your own music mix.
We shall also guide you through the “Settings” of Google Play Music.


When you tap on this option, all your information will be displayed.


This is only available for Android devices and allows you to adjust the various aspects of sound effects.

My devices

This option when tapped on displays all the devices connected to your phone.


This where the cache files, of the music tracks which you are streaming, are located.

Manage Downloads

 In this section, it will be possible for you to view all the tracks which you had downloaded. It is also the starting point if you need to delete some files so as to create space on your device.

Download to Android wear

This section is only available for Android devices and it lets you download tracks to your Android wear device such that it will be possible for you to stream the track to other devices without necessarily using your phone.

Stream quality

This option lets you decide on the quality of your streaming. You will have to choose between low, normal and high quality.

Using Google Play Music

To get started, you navigate to the Google Play Music home screen. This is where all your recent music uploads or play list will be displayed. To find a particular artist or album, you will use the Search music bar.

To play a particular track, just hover the mouse cursor over the album cover and the play button will appear at the lower left of the cover. If you want different options on the music, just go to the menu represented by three dots in the upper right.

You will get a range of options such as downloading the album, editing information, adding it to a queue and adding to a playlist.

Features of Google Play Music

To delete your library

If you wish to delete your library, head over to the “Add Music” button and next to it you will see a gear icon. Then, you click on settings.

There will be a “General” section which shows the number of songs that you have. Among the options is one which lets you delete your library.

There is also an option which lets you block explicit songs which may play in the instant mixes.

Music From This Computer

This is the Menu from which you can add folders and once chrome is open, it automatically scans for new songs to upload.

The “Download Location” feature lets you choose your preferred location for all your downloads.

Manage My Devices 

This section shows which computers have access to your account. As long as a particular computer has access to your account, you can listen to Google play music anywhere through a browser.

However, only up to ten devices can be connected to your account.

You also have the option to disconnect your account from any device, through the “Deauthorize” button. Note that you are limited to only four deauthorizations per year.

Creating Playlists

You can create playlists by adding albums or individual songs. You will use the three dot menu to add these tracks to a playlist. In case you do not see this menu, just hover over an album or next to individual tracks when searching for an album.

The Google play music homepage always presents you with the “I’m feeling lucky mix” which creates a random playlist.

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The Music store 

The Google play music store is the place for you if you want to purchase digital music. Your purchases will be added to your library and even better is that they are excluded from your imposed limit.

Offline playback for All Access songs 

This feature lets you download a song such that you can play it without any internet connection. If you cancel this feature, all the songs will be removed.


Google Play music is one of the best music streaming sites in the world. You can basically upload your music and get access to any song or album you may desire.

So go through the various packages of Google Play Music and see which one fits your style and caters for your music needs. 

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