How to turn off safe mode

Getting your phone into safe mode can be relatively easy; however there is no direct means through which you can exit from the mode. It can be very frustrating when you want to turn off safe mode when your android phone is not responding.  But remember, safe mode does not only happen on android but also on personal computers.

However, if you are imprisoned in the safe mode, you should not worry. This article provides with a good strategy through which you can use to exit from the mode. Just continue reading. But first why does your phone go to safe mode?

Why is your phone on safe mode?

Usually, your phone will go on safe mode when something bad happens in your phone. This can be an infection of some apps in your phone. Or may be when a malware has been installed in your phone without your consent. Generally, the safe mode is vital for preventing any damaging app from affecting your phone.

When you switch on your phone on safe mode, it only operates with apps that came pre-installed in your phone. Safe mode is a troubleshooting strategy that was set by developers to help in preventing a phone from virus and other malware apps.

Alternatively, you might have accidentally put your phone into safe mode. How? It is virtually the same way where you accidently dial a number that you did not intend to call from your phone.

But either way, you should not be scared. This article will guide you on how you can easily exit from safe mode.

When you start your phone in safe mode, you can easily identity the cause of the technical problem facing your phone. For instance, you are in safe mode and you realize that your phone is slow than it has always been, or may be you battery is draining fast than it should, then you should know that there is some app that is causing the problem.

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There are several ways that you can use to turn off safe mode in your phone:

Restart your phone

This is pretty one of the most effective and the widely used methods to exit phones from safe mode. It is a method that many people have reported to have succeeded in exiting safe mode.

When your phone is in safe mode, all you need to do is to simply turn off your phone and restart it. Your phone will immediately reboot in a normal mode.

However, it is not a guarantee that your phone will automatically exit the safe mode. But, if it does not exit, try this next method.

Set from the notification panel

This is also an effective method of exiting from safe mode, although it is not present in all phones. Under this option, you are required to slide down the notifications tray, from where you get the option “exit safe mode”.

Switch on with volume down

While not compatible with all kinds of phones, but most people have reportedly been able to exit the safe mode. In this method, you are required to first to switch off your phone and then reboot it while holding down the volume button. Just try that simple approach. Remember, you should not switch on the phone without leaving the volume button.

However, when your volume button is not functional, you are likely to experience more problems with your phone. In this regard, you should ensure that all your buttons are working properly.

Take out your battery

You can also exit from safe mode by taking off your battery from your phone. “Isn’t this method similar to switching my phone off?” You may be asking. Well, technically yes, but there is more removing a batter than just switching off your phone.

When you switch off your phone for several minutes, you allow the capacitors in your phone to completely release their charges. This means, when you switch on your phone again, it will restart from a fresh point.

When you turn on your phone, it will automatically, start in a normal mode. However, this method may also not work again in your phone, but still you can try this next method.

Remove some apps your phone

One of the factors that make your phone to go to safe mode is because of the presence of some apps in your phone that have some viral infections to your phone.

In this respect, the best approach is to identify the apps were not present in your phone before it went into safe mode. How do you achieve that when some apps are not working when the phone is in safe mode?

It is true that some apps in your phone will not show but when you go to setting you can find them and uninstall them.

After you have uninstalled the apps that you suspect could be the source of the problem, then you can restart the phone and see if the problem will elapse. Still not! Is the automate method.

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Restore factory

I call this ultimate method because it one of the most effective method for exiting your phone from safe mode.

But remember: when you restore factory you will lose data in your phone. Therefore, it is important to transfer your vital data to an external storage device in order to avoid losing your vital information.

Then go to setting in your phone, select on security then on restore factor. When you press “restore factor” you will be required to key in your password then press okay. Immediately, the phone will automatically return to its previous state with pre-installed apps that it was purchased with. All the apps that were added into the phone by the owner will permanently be deleted.

Remember you can decide to use all the method above until you find the one that brings you the intend results. Remember if you try all the above methods and still your phone fails to exit safe mode, it is high time you take the phone back to your local repair shop. Because of their extensive knowledge about the phone, authorized technicians are able to identity the exact problem in your phone.


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