How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

Just like time, technology waits for no man. It is constantly advancing such that you may find yourself ‘out of place’ if you do not keep up.

Technological advancement applies in basically all aspects of life. From the field of medicine to sports and from the military to communication, great technological advancement occurs on a daily basis.

This article will focus on communication. Everyone would agree that this is an area of vital interest when it comes to technological advancements. You may notice these advancements on a regular, if not daily basis.

We’ve come a Long Way

In the ancient days, information was relayed on stone slabs and cave walls. Smoke signals were the most convenient for messages meant for distant places.

In 1876, Alexander Bell invented the telephone. You can hardly believe that almost eighty years after the invention;no more than three individuals would make phone calls simultaneously. Today, It would be impossible to state the exact number of phone calls made in a single hour.

Candlestick phones were the initial models of phones. Its main features were a mouthpiece and a receiver.

In the first half of the 20th century, this model was succeeded by rotary dial phones. These were followed by push buttons in 1963. The first mobile phones entered the market in the 80s.

The portable phones gradually evolved in the market. This mainly focused on size and embedded features. In fact, the first phone call from a portable device was in April 1973 by a Motorola engineer.

Let us briefly take a trip down memory lane to relive the gradual evolution of mobile phones.

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Radio Common Carrier

This was mainly used by soldiers. Its main feature was its use of a public telephone network and having its own phone number.

Brick Phone

This was the phone from which the first phone call was made.

The Clamshell

This phone had a variety of options which included keypad tones and a calculator.

The Candybar

The phone acquired this name due to its shape which resembled. .well, you guessed it, a candy bar.

The Elites

This type dominated the mobile industry in the 90s. It includes a flip phone, otherwise known as the flap.

Satellite Phone

Instead of the earthly cellular towers, this phone would connect with orbiting satellites. This makes it the most effective mobile phone at the time.


You can say that this model gave way to touchscreen devices. Its main features include internet connectivity and virtual keyboard. Such technology was quite a big deal at the time.

The iPhone

This was launched in 2007 and the rest as they say is history. The iPhone literally took over the mobile phone industry.

App-enabled Smartphones

These were released to counter the iphone. The most common app was the android which made it possible for manufacturers to create devices compatible with the phone’s operating system.

The competition in the mobile industry therefore lies between the iPhone and Android. The two compete on various fronts.

The iPhone has a fingerprint sensor which secures the user’s data. Android phones have a face recognition lock but it is considered less secure.

A feature like Google maps is available in both versions but it was mainly designed to be used on android devices.

Over the cause of its use, you may desire to switch your loyalty from iPhone to Android. I am sure that the main worry of the user is losing contacts during this transfer. Luckily for you, this article will give you several options of transferring contacts from iPhone to android without losing them.

Manual transfer

You should use this option mainly when you desire to move particular contacts. First step is to open up the contacts before selecting the contact you want to save. You then scroll down and click on the tab which lets you share it through email or text. 

If the number of contacts exceeds ten, there are other options available.


This is just Apple’s cloud system. The procedure is quite simple. You first access the website through your computer and then select the contacts you wish to transfer. You can do this one by one or use the option of selecting all.

Tap the gear and choose the export vCard option. A VCF file containing your contacts will be automatically selected by the computer.

You then connect your android phone to your computer and copy the downloaded VCF file to the phone’s local storage. Finally you can transfer the contacts from the contacts application.

Import into Gmail

This is one of the simplest methods, especially for those constantly on Google. Log on to through the computer and select the contacts you desire to save. Select all if you intend on saving the whole list.  From the gear icon, select export vCard.

A VCF file with the exported contacts will be automatically downloaded. Once this happens, log in to your Google account. Tap on the Gmail logo and choose contacts.

In the contacts drop down menu, click on “more” and select import. Click import again and the contacts will automatically sync to the android device connected to this account.

Transfer Through an App

There are several apps which are specifically designed for transferring contacts. A good example is the “My Contacts Backup” app.

First you download the app and then run it on your phone. The app will request to access your contacts, to which you will oblige. Click on backup and then email.

From there you attach the VCF file to an email before forwarding it to your Gmail account. You should open the email on your android device so that you may download the VCF file and then the transfer would be complete.

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The Use of iTunes to Export Contacts to Gmail 

This method is most suitable for iPhones running iOS 4.x and lower. It is fairly easy. First you download and run iTunes.

Then you plug your iPhone to the computer before opening the device’s summary page. Tap the Info tab and select “sync contacts with”. Select Google contacts and log in to your Google accounts.

Click apply and allow the sync process between the contacts on your Gmail account and your android phone to take place.

From the five options, only use the method you are most comfortable with.

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