How To Train On Pokémon Go

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must know that Augmented Reality (AR) is the in thing. This is whereby certain aspects are added into our natural world to improve our experience. Such include touch, graphics and sound.

Augmented reality tends to coexist with the natural world. This is unlike virtual reality where you have to adapt to an entirely new environment. In fact, augmented reality, you get to experience both virtual and real world aspects.

The use of Augmented reality is quite simple, depending on your attitude. If you approach it with a negative attitude, then life would seem to be extremely complicated.

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Leveraging on Augmented Reality

This technology helps you get a clearer picture on issues of your interest. A visual explanation tends to stick longer in the brain. This enhances your future understanding of the issues.

Due to its growing popularity, the technology is constantly undergoing development. You may notice that new features are always appearing on a regular basis. These new additions help in making it easier for you to use the technology.

Augmented reality tends to be more detailed and deeper on its area of concern. This is one of the reasons it should be your preferred option, since it provides more information as compared to virtual reality and other means.

We shall briefly discuss the various categories of augmented reality:

Marker Based Augmented Reality

This type uses a camera and a visual marker. It produces a result once the reader senses the marker.

Markerless Augmented Reality

It is the most commonly used type. One of its main uses is locating entities and finding directions. Such features are easily available in smartphones and thus push up its demand.

Projection Based Augmented Reality

This type illuminates real time surfaces. This creates some level of human interaction with the light through the sense of touch. It is applied in 3D technology.

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

This is perhaps the most advanced type of Augmented reality. It creates a completely new image from the augmented version of that particular one. It mainly relies on object recognition.

Now that we have understood Augmented reality, let us now focus on one of its main applications. This is in the gaming world by the name of Pokémon Go.

This game was published and developed by the company Niantic. It was specifically designed for iOS and android devices. In July 2016, it was released in several countries before being subsequently rolled out in others.

Pokémon are virtual creatures which are trained, located battled and captured. You can do all these actions by use of a GPS device found in phones.

The AR technology ensures that the players see the Pokémon as if they are in the real world. Although the game is free to play, it comes in the form of a business model which supports in-app purchases for items relevant for the game.

The Rise and Rise of Pokemon Go

At its launch, the game had roughly 150 species of Pokémon.  This number has risen to close to 400 as of August 2018. This is necessary in order to meet the players’ needs and preferences.

Upon its release, the game had both praises and criticisms. It was praised for encouraging physical activity as well as marketing local businesses due to the location based technology. It was also praised for promoting AR technology.

Many of its critics focus on technical problems. It has also been blamed for numerous accidents as well as causing public disturbance.

As a player, you are required to set up an account. You will then create and customize your own avatars. These avatars will be displayed on the map depending on your location.

The game has other elements which you need to understand for the sake of playing the game well. They include Pokestops and gyms.

This article will explain in the simplest terms possible on how to train on Pokémon Go. In this franchise, training mainly focuses on the gym.

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How To Train On Gyms

The primary step is locating a gym. You need to ensure that the gym belongs to your team. You can do this by capturing one that belongs to the enemy or locating one which is controlled by your team.

You then open the menu to see what the gym contains. You will notice a stat known as prestige. This refers to how many experience points that the gym contains. A gym of max level 10 always has 50000 prestiges.

You can train on a gym that has less than 10 levels. Click the button on the bottom right corner then select your preferred team and go to battle. You will be required to battle the Pokémon on the gym.

At the end of the battle, a pop up window will appear. It will show you how much XP and prestige you have earned.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the XP and prestige you have earned. Note that battling with a Pokémon of higher CP will see you gain more XP.

How To Train On Pokémon Go

This method also works although many players consider it boring as compared to the canon Pokémon games. You will also notice that they do not gain XP by battling as it was in the gym.

It is however quite simple. Anytime you catch a Pokémon, you are awarded with some Stardust. For every successful capture, you are awarded 100 stardust.

You may also hatch Pokemon as another way of accruing stardust. At the conclusion of every day, you can cash out on the gyms.

Locate the Pokémon which you desire to level up. You then tap on the ‘power Up’ button. Note that some of your Stardust will be used up in this process.Your Pokémon will also gain a level.

Conduct this process several times over to the point that your Pokémon are at a maximum level.

I am sure that as a gaming enthusiasts, Niantic Company would Introduce more ways of leveling up your Pokémon. We hope that with time, there will be more situations on Pokémon Go where training will be used.

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