How to track Pokémon: Using 3 Different Methods

Are you a gaming enthusiast? If the answer is yes, Pokémon go has to be high up your gaming list.

Let us first demystify the game. Pokémon go is a mobile phone game which makes use of Augmented reality technology. It was developed for android and iOS devices by Niantic.

The initial release in specific countries was July 2016 and subsequently rolled out in other locations in the following months.

The Pokémon Species

The game involves capturing, locating, training and battling Pokémon, which are virtual creatures. These creatures appear to be in the player’s real world. The number of species of Pokémon has gradually grown from 150 during its launch to close to 400 in 2018.

The game only requires your phone’s GPS; otherwise it is free to play.

Like any other new phenomenon, the game has both positive and negative reviews. It has been credited with popularizing local businesses as well as encouraging physical activity.

It has however been labeled a public nuisance due to the high number of accidents attributed to it. This has led to some countries coming up with legislation regarding its use.

So, how do we play Pokémon go? This article will give you a brief description on how to play this popular game.

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Getting In Sync with the Game

You will first need to sign up for the game. You do this through your Google account or a Pokémon trainer club account. Whichever method you use, Pokémon will store your data on its servers.

The next step is customizing your avatar. This means designing your avatar into having your preferred features. Note that you can always change these features later.

After customizing your avatar, you enter the Pokémon go map, which is the main area of the game. You will notice that this map is an animated version of Google maps.

The map contains Pokestops and Pokémon gyms which are basically landmarks, as well as rustling grass and unmarked roads. As you walk in the actual world, the avatar walks too.

As you progress with the walking, Pokémon will pop up on the map whilst producing a small vibration sound. If you tap on them, you can attempt to capture them.

The Basics of the Game

There are other basics of the game you need to have on your fingertips.

To view your character’s information, you tap on the player icon which located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

You will also be equipped with a bagpack in which you will store all the items you pick along your movements.

Knowing It All

You will need to know all the information regarding the Pokémon species that you have captured. This will be contained in an index called the Pokedex.

On the bottom right corner of the screen, you will notice a grey box. This is referred to a sightings screen and it helps you locate the Pokémon which are nearby.

This Is How To Track Pokémon

Now that we have understood the basics of the game, let us move to another core issue.  This game is basically about you, in the form of your avatar, catching the Pokémon.

How do we track Pokémon? This article will provide you with three simple means on how to do it.

Track by use of sightings

This feature shows Pokémon in tall rustling grass. It is the most common tracking feature.

You should be aware that this feature does not give you the exact location of the Pokémon.  Instead, it alerts you as to the Pokémon which are nearby. The appearance of a caterpie on your screen indicates the possibility of more than one Pokémon.

If you move further away, you will notice that the Pokémon on the sightings list will disappear. This could be an indication of you moving in the wrong direction. You could always turn back to the point of disappearance.

This feature involves more walking and therefore a bit more tiresome to use. If you want to avoid extensive walking, there is another method.

Track by use of Nearbytracker

With this tracker, a list of pokemons as well as pokestops will be displayed on the screen. All you will have to do is find your way to that particular pokestop and the Pokémon you are searching for will probably be nearby.

In case of any confusion regarding the pokestop, you can always tap on the pokestop on the nearby screen and the map will just zoom out and direct you to the pokestop you need to move to.

This tracker also involves walking although at a lower intensity than the Sightings tracker.

Tracking by use of third party trackers

This is in reality the most accurate way of tracking Pokémon.  It is also the simplest to use. All that you need to do is run the tool and the Pokémon will show itself up on the map.

However, Niantic is always finding ways of shutting down the sites providing third party trackers. It does this to promote the use of in-built trackers.

How Third Party Trackers Work

These third party trackers work in various ways. We shall briefly discuss them below.

You may find a tracker which will show you exactly where the Pokémon are. They do this by sourcing user data. The downside to these trackers is that they are not so reliable.

You may also find a Pokémon mapping service. These tend to show you where the rare breeds spawn so you can pay more attention to that area. You should know that they will not show you the exact location of the Pokémon.

In rare cases, Niantic allows some of these trackers to use its API. This type will point you to where the Pokémon are spawning in the game. A good example of this type is FastPokeMap.


If you want to stick by the rules, these three methods which we have given you are the best to go by. You can use other ways to track Pokémon but most of them require you to go against the rules.

For instance, some require spoofing and this may get you banned.

We hope that this article has been helpful in sharpening your skills of tracking and catching Pokémon. Just stick with the rules and you will be good to go.

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