How to text from computer with Android - Everything you need to know

If you own an Android based Smartphone, then there is a probability that at some point you must have wondered if you could read and send text messages from the comfort of your computer. If your urge has been really strong, then you must have used the numerous workarounds to enable this feature.

Luckily for you, various developers including Google have come up with ways in which you can text from your PC or tablet with Android.

Use of Android Messages app 

This app, as the name suggests, was developed and released by Google. So how do you go about using this app? Simple, just follow the guidelines below.

Downloading the app

Head over to the Google Playstore and download the app. The latest version is version 3.3.043. Install and open the app. You should ensure that Google messages is your default app.

On the top right, tap on the three dot menu and select “Messages for web”, followed by tapping on “Scan QR code”. If you wish for your browser to remember this process, toggle the option “Remember this computer”. However, for security purposes only do this if either the computer is yours or you are its frequent user.

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Scanning the QR code

Now, using the QR code scanner on your phone, scan the QR code that appears on your computer. Once you have done this, you would have synced your Android phone to your computer. The notification “connected to messages for web” will appear, if the process was successful.

If you want to see the signed-in computers, simply head back to the app and go to “messages for web” settings.
You are now set to text from your computer.

Pulse SMS app 

This is another app which you can use from your tablet or PC to send messages. Aside from being customizable, this app is fast and secure as well as comes with a wide range of impressive features.

The most advantageous aspect of this device is that you can use it on any device, as long as that device has a web browser. All you would need is a Pulse account, which you could be logging in from any device. This account gives you full access to pulse apps.

Features of the Pulse SMS 

It allows syncing between different devices.

The app has a light and a dark theme, as well as dozens of other customizable themes to match your style.

It offers the delivery reports service.

With this app, you can snooze notifications to a more convenient time.

Allows you to archive conversations as well as blacklist numbers.

You can also send GIFs.

It has End-to-end encryption for security purposes.

The user interface is of reasonable size.

Handcent Next SMS app

This app is one of the veterans in the game of 3rd party text messaging apps. Apart from its amazing design, it is also very customizable. It is also compatible with tablets and PCs such that you can send and receive text from whichever Android device you are using.

Some of its major features include:

It has cross-device sync. This would enable to access your messages from not only your phone but from your computer or tablet too.

The app also has pop-up notifications such that you can easily reply messages while at the same time attending to other matters.

It has a night mode feature.

You will get customizable themes.

Last but not least, the app will provide you with various backup options.


In order for you to use this app you will need to pair your computer or tablet to your phone.

Pushbullet app

Despite the challenges which users encountered during the first days of use, this app is actually one of the best to send text from your computer. Installing it on your PC is quite easy as it uses the browser extension method, which takes a matter of seconds to complete.

The app has a free version which has a limit of a hundred texts per month. The full version comes at a fee and has no restrictions whatsoever.

A plus to using this app is that apart from sending texts, it allows you to send files too.

MySMS app 

This app is a viable option to the other common apps in the market. It performs the basic task of sending text from your computer. Your device and the computer would have to be compatible for this app to work.

A major plus to this app is that it does not need a browser extension to operate. It has a free version as well as a subscription package which comes with several exclusive features.

We also thought it would be prudent of us to inform you that this app is one of the cheapest in the text-messaging apps sector.

The Mightytext app

This is one of the most popular text messaging apps out there.
Its main features include:

Call notifications

You will get instant notifications on your computer whenever someone makes a call to your Android phone.

Phone battery alert

You can use this app to know the exact battery life remaining on your phone, no matter the distance between your Android phone and your computer.

Customizable themes

This app comes with over 20 themes which you can customize to suit your style and preference.

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Direct texting from Gmail


This feature would enable you to handle multiple conversations simultaneously.

SMS-Email Sync

This feature, which is found in the pro package, makes it possible for you to manage your text messages straight from your email.

Message scheduler

This feature lets you schedule your messages such that you can send them at your convenient time in the future.

Message templates

With the message templates, you can avoid typing the same content over and over again. This is because you would have saved the content in the form of a template and save time.

In conclusion 

The apps and programs are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to texting from your computer with Android devices. So why don’t you pick your best option and give it a try?

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