How to Tell If Your Phone Is Being Spied On

Do you ever wonder how safe the data in our phones is? Have you ever been concerned that maybe you are not the only one accessing sensitive information stored in your phone?

 Unfortunately, this is a genuine concern for all Smartphone users. We also find it to be quite disappointing that a majority of these owners know very little about how prone they are to spyware.

We tend to install much software in our phones, without paying attention to the amount of information they are collecting about us.

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Being Spied On

Point to note is that we are the ones who give unlimited access by these software to our personal information. During the installation process, they normally request for access to various sources of information on our phones. However, very few people pay attention to this.

Why Do People Spy? 

The digital age has given rise to hackers. These are malicious individuals always trying to access your private information.

For instance, they may be interested in your account information, social media passwords, the house security codes and so on. There are also a bunch of hackers who are only fuelled by curiosity. These mostly are only interested in your daily experiences.

There is also the security motive. The government, through the security agencies, may spy on your phone if they have reason to believe that you are engaged in criminal activities.

They would monitor all your phone calls, text messages and social media activities.

Last but not least, you may get spied on for domestic reasons. If you have an insecure spouse, there is a high chance they may install spyware to monitor your activities.

It is therefore important that we are able to detect signs of spyware on our phones. This article is going to give youthe various signs to look out for.

Acute drop in battery power 

You must have noticed that as time goes by, the phone battery does not last as much as it used to. Ever heard of the saying “smartphones have dumb batteries”? Maybe they do.

However, this fall in lasting power should occur over time. A sudden drop should raise a red flag.

It is probably because additional software, the spyware, is running in the background and in the process using up a lot of battery power.

Receiving weird SMSs 

Have you ever received a text message which seemed to have been sent to have been meant for a robot? It comes in the form of numbers, letters and signs all jungled up together.

Well, let us inform you that this is probably a code and it is how the spies communicate with your device. This is the mode through which they give your phone commands.

Abnormal behavior 

Another sign that your phone security has been breached is queer behavior.  The phone may experience regular reboots or make funny noises.

You may also observe that the phone lights up yet no one has touched or used it. If such occurrences take place on a regular basis, it should raise a red flag that maybe your phone has been compromised.

Data drainage

For the Smartphone spyware to operate, they require a lot of data.  This data is necessary for the transfer of information from one device to another.

If you notice an abnormal data usage on your phone, then you may prepare yourself for an attack.

Noises in the background

Do you think you are hearing things during phone calls? We like passing the blame to network interruptions but why should it occur during all phone conversations?

Be on the lookout for beeping sounds and voices during phone calls.

“Ghost” apps

Have you ever looked at your phone and wondered ‘where did that come from?’ You find and app and you cannot recall installing it.

This is a form of spyware which installs itself without necessarily asking for your approval.

Excessive heating up of the phone

It is quite normal for the phone’s temperature to rise during use. You should however be suspicious if it starts heating up while it is lying idly on the desk.

Probably an app collecting information?

We shall also give you ways through which you can protect yourself from this vice.

Installing an Anti-virus software

Although many software gurus are not convinced that anti-virus software are effective, there certain versions which warn you of potentially harmful software.

If you lack confidence in this method, there is another way.

Restore factory settings

By resetting your phone to its original state, you would have wiped it clean. This means that you would get rid of any malware which may have been planted on your phone.

Ensure you backup your data first.

Stick with rooted devices

If, for instance, you are an android user, most of the time you download your applications from Google playstore. Google playstore ensures that the apps in its store have no malware.

Security locks

Always ensure that you limit accessibility into your phone by third parties. You can do this through the use of fingerprints, passwords and PINs.

By protecting your lockscreen, individuals who may have harbored intentions to bug your phone would be kept at bay.

Uninstall the Individual apps

Instead of interfering with the whole phone, how about dealing with the threat directly?

You can locate the malware itself and uninstall it. Chances are the spy installed it and changed its original name. Tap on settings and select apps.

If you find anything which you did not place there yourself, take the bold step of uninstalling it completely.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the basics of data security with regards to our phones. Although the smartphones are part of our daily lives, there is still much to learn about them, especially on privacy and security concerns.

Be on the lookout always. The digital technology was meant to make life easy for us, but it is a little more complicated than anyone would have expected!

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