How to Take Screenshot on HTC

Screenshots are the images of the contents that are displayed on the screen of your phone. The contents can range from your home screen, folders or any other screen displayed on the phone. Basically, screenshot allows you to take the image of what you are seeing on the screen of your phone.

Importance of screenshots

As basic as they may sound, screenshots are very important because it helps to share the picture of the exact content showing on the screen. This can be a message from a friend, a capture of WhatsApp message or any other media contents.

However, one of the most important usages of a screenshot is that it allows you to easily explain the technical problem facing a phone or any other site on the internet. For instance, you are explains to a given company about the error showing on your page when log in, you can easy clarify your complain by forwarding the screenshot of the error showing on the screen.

Screenshots are also requested by developers of your phone when they want to fully understand the technical problem in your phone.

Are you having a given website design that you want to be used in a brochure you will not have to provide too much unnecessary details. All you will need to do is to take the screenshot of the page and send to the designer. Quite easy!

Well, apart from official purposes, screenshots are vital for verifying a given piece of information you are trying to explain to a friend.

It is also a good way for achieving the important information in your image section or on the Google photos.

Usually screenshots can be used in a wide range of activities, therefore help in eliminating too much details and explanations.

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Taking screenshots

Although taking screenshots can have a wide range of benefits when explains some wordy technical issues, it is a feature that a considerable number of people are still not quite aware of. Firstly, it is imperative to understand that the method for taking screenshots differs from one phone to the other, therefore the need to carefully understand the process that is used in taking a screenshot for your phone.

In this article, I want to focus on how to take screenshot from a HTC smartphone device.

About HTC

HTC is smartphone that is designed and manufactured in Taiwan. It is a phone that has taken the market by storm because of its great user friendly features.

Take screenshot on HTC

Taking screenshot requires a good button combination on the phone. Here is the press on how to take a screenshot on the HTC screen.

The first step is to open the HTC screen page that you want to take the screenshot of. This can be the page of your technical problem or any other page that you want to screenshot in your phone.

In the second step, you should press and hold the power button. Pressing and holding the power button without releasing ensures that the phone does not go off.

You then press the home button, without releasing the power button.

Now release both buttons; power button and home button.

Immediately you release the two buttons at go, the phone will take a screenshot. The name ‘screenshot captured’ will appear at the upper part of the screen.

To know that you have successfully taken a screen shot on your phone, you will hear a shutter click then a preview of the screenshot before it disappears.

HTC provides three methods that you can use to capture screenshots:

Power and home button

After you preview the captured screenshot, it will immediately disappear. From this point, you can easily retrieve the captured screenshot from your file manager.

From the file manager, you can retrieve the screenshot you have taken from screenshot folder.

HTC like many other smart phones gives you an opportunity to take as many screenshots as you want provided you have adequate space to store the images captured.

Power and volume button

This is a method that is widely used in many android smartphone. In this method, you use the power button and the lower volume button. These two buttons are found on the side of the HTC phone.

Like in the first method, you will also be required tolocate the page that you want to take a screenshot.

Then press the two buttons at the same time.

Similarly, the name ‘screenshot’ will appear on the upper part of your phone screen followed by the shutter sound.

Screenshot setting

The latest HTC android smartphones comes with an option that only requires the user to take a screenshot by just touching.

The method is similar to the previous two methods only that this time you do not use any button when taking a screenshot.

You will still be required to locate the screen that you want to take the screenshot and then go setting and locate the option ‘take screenshot’.

Afterpressing “take screenshot”immediately, the screen will capture the page, which will be confirmed by a shuttering sound.

Sharing screenshots

Screenshots are virtually similar to other photos in your phone, only that theyare the images of the screen on the phone.

In this regard, the process of sharing screenshots is similar to the process followed in sharing other images taken through the camera.

When sending a screenshot, all you need to do is to go to the place where you have saved the picture.

Then select the images that you want to share and then choose the mode that you want to send the image.

You can send a screenshot through different digital media. You can share your screenshots captured on HTC as a message, through WhatsApp and Bluetooth among other digital media.

Whichever method you choose to take a screenshot, you will end up with a clear picture of the page that you target. This will give you the opportunity to share with friends, colleagues or any other contact you wish to.

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