How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S8

Are you a Smartphone enthusiast? If you are you must know that the galaxy s8 was Samsung’s flagship project for the year 2017. This model, together with the galaxy s8+, was released in March 2017.

Let us review some of the unique features of the S8 model:

Screen display

The consumers tend to be very particular when it comes to the display characteristics of the phone. Most people believe that larger displays translate to an ease in operations due to a wider “playground”. However, extremely large screens tend to hinder one handed operations.

Samsung put this in mind when they designed an extra wide screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9. You can easily use this screen for one handed operations, which is virtually impossible with gadgets of a similar size.

Impressive?Hold your judgment until we have reviewed the next feature.

The Bixby assistant

This is one of the most impressive features of the galaxy S8. This feature uses the principle “what the fingers can do, the voice can do too”. This means that you would not have to tap on the screen to enter a certain command.

All you have to do is give an order and the service facilitates the implementation. This service even asks for clarity if the command is not clear.

You should be aware that Bixby is not limited to voice control. It also has Bixby vision which provides information of an item once you focus the phone’s camera on it.

There are other amazing features of the S8. This includes Dex Dock, the Samsung connect app, the Qualcomm snapdragon 835, an 8-Megapixel selfie cam and Android 7.0.

Aside from performing basic functions such as communication, storage and taking photos, the S8 can also perform another very important task in this digital era. This is taking screenshots.

Here is a brief description of a screenshot: this is an image of the screen exactly as it is. It captures all the contents that are on display. You can also refer to it as a screencap or a screengrab.

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So why do we take screenshots?

 The main reason is for future reference. You can share the contents displayed on your screen exactly as they are. Isn’t it awesome to share with your friends the text message you received exactly as it is without handing over your phone or incurring service costs?

You can also use screenshots as a library of old screen displays. For instance, you can refer to a screenshot to remind yourself of an embarrassing text message you once received mistakenly from your boss.

You may also present a screenshot as part of evidence in criminal proceedings.

So how you use screenshots? Here are three simple ways you can make use of screenshots.

Giving Instructions

You can use a screenshot to give instructions on how to perform a particular function. They provide a reliable backup to verbal instructions. The main advantage of this is that it eliminates confusion as well as saving time.

Providing feedback on ongoing projects

If a friend asks for your opinion on an ongoing project, you may not have to necessarily write long reports. Just take a screenshot and point out the areas that may need revisions. Web design is one of the projects which rely heavily on screenshots.

Provide a visual presentation of what is happening

A visual presentation helps provide a clearer picture of whatever difficulties you may be facing. For example, all computers operate differently from each other.

If you experience any form of technical issues, your IT specialist is likely to request for a screenshot. One look at it and they are likely to come up with an instant solution.

The main advantage of screenshots is the ease at which you can capture one and put it to application.

After going through all that about screenshots, let us go back to the S8 galaxy. Is it possible for the users of this phone experience the advantages of screenshots? Yes it is!

Can this phone capture screenshots with ease? Yes it does! This article is going to provide four simple ways on how you can capture a screenshot on S8 galaxy.

The ‘hardware’ method

By using this old fashioned way, you utilize the buttons on the phone. This procedure is mainly used in android devices.

First, navigate to the screen which you intend to capture. Then you simultaneously press and hold the power and volume keys. The phone will produce a buzz sound to indicate a successful capture.

Taking screenshots in different shapes

This feature introduces a fun aspect to the capture of screenshots. It may be in shapes or GIFs.  You first go to the screen you wish to capture before opening the edge panel.

Slide and ensure you find the “Smart select” section. From the options provided, choose a shape or animation. The shapes are mostly rectangles and ovals.

Lastly, select the part of the screen you wish to capture. If you find this method complicated, here is another way!

How to capture a scrolling screenshot

You will have to enable “Smart capture” from advanced settings. This will provide additional information after the screen capture. Go to the screen which you intend to capture.

You can capture the screenshot through the old fashioned way and from the options provided, tap on “Scroll capture”. Continue with the process of tapping the “Scroll capture” button until you reach your achievement.

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Taking Screenshots via gestures

This option is the best alternative to the “hardware” method. The first step is to activate gestures. You go to settings, and then advanced features. Lastly, enable “Palm swipe” to capture.

Once you are done activating gestures, navigate to the screen you wish to capture. You then swipe your hand horizontally. You can follow your preferred sequence, whether left to right or right to left.

Although it may take you time to master the swiping gesture, it makes capturing screenshots easier and quicker. The phone will buzz and display an animation as a confirmation of a successful capture.

So why don’t you try each of these methods on a regular basis and discover your preferred option? Who knows, you might make a career out of screen captures.

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