How To Stop Apps From Running: Some Simple Steps For You

New phones are usually fascinating because of their super speed, lasting battery and effective overall operation. This is based on the fact that new phones come with operating systems that have that have not been used before. However, as you continue using the phone, you start realizing that the battery is running out fast than before and the apps seems to take longer to open or operate as compared to when you purchased the phone.

But what could be the reason behind the sluggishness in operations of a phone over time?

There are different reasons that can contribute to slow performance of the phone. On of the major reasons that contributes to slowness of the phone is because of having apps running in the background. When your apps are running in the background, they do only contribute to slow operation and t also drains your battery faster that it should be.

Therefore in addressing this problem, the main strategy is to stop the apps running in the background. In this article, I want to solely focus how you can improve the functioning of your phone by closing the apps running in the background.

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Why you should close the app.

Closing the apps running in the background is important for addressing the issues of battery as well help in improving the speed of your phone.

You and I know that a phone running slowly can be very frustrating, because you can not be able to open new apps or even navigate through various tabs online because it take relatively long to load.

And before you can even start to enjoy your tabs, you get the sign that battery low.

Additionally, some apps can consume your internet data bundle without your knowledge.

For instance, you can be playing game on your phone, but on the background, your social media app is still running putting up new updates, therefore draining your battery and your internet data bundle.

Closing apps running in the background is a good method for closing apps which may have damaging impact in your phone. Apps that have been installed in your phone without your knowledge can be prevented from accessing vital details in your phone

Closing your apps running in the background

Firstly, press the recent application menu in your phone. This gives you the opportunity to see the apps that you have worked with in the recent past.

Once you are on the list of the recent apps, you are then required to tap, hold and swipe the apps. This will automatically close the running apps. This will also free some RAM of your phone.

As you swipe the windows of the running apps, the apps will be closed automatically. However, it is important to choose the apps you are swiping to prevent closing important apps that you are still using.

Using setting method

This is one of the most effective strategies that you can use to stop the apps running in your background. Under this approach, you should go to the settings menu and select application manager. From the application manager, you should then visit all app and scroll down identifying the apps that you want to close.

Open the app that you want to close and then press on “Force Stop”. When press this option, you apps running in the background will automatically close.
The apps that are not running in the background will not have the option of “Force Stop”

Restart your phone

You can also close the different apps that are running in the background of your phone by re-booting it. Rebooting your phone and subsequently removing the battery helps to ensure that all the apps are completely closed from playing in the background.

However, stopping the apps running in the background by switching of your phone is only recommended as the last option.


Although it is important to close apps in your phone because of the benefits that comes with it, it is however advisable to avoid closing all the apps in the background. It is important to note that not all apps running the background should be closed down. Closing some apps in your phone can damage the normal operation of the phone. There ensure that you are only closing apps that will not affect your phone.

For instance, you cannot stop the app launcher because other apps depend on it in their operation.

Additionally, you can stops which you are still using. For instance, when playing a video game in your phone, you can leave the Gmail app running especially when you are expecting some important message from a given person.

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How to identify the app that you should stop

It is imperative to understand the apps that you should stop to prevent your phone from crashing or facing any other technical damage.

You should not forcefully stop apps that are indicated as “Google Service” or any other app that has the name “Google” These apps should not be stopped manually because they can affect the operation of the phone.

Although most phone companies promise first operation of the phone even with different active windows, just go ahead and close active apps that you are not using to save your battery.

And again, even when your phone is in sleep mode, the apps can still be running, which is why some phones lose their power even when they have not been used that much throughout the day.

However it also requires common sense to decide which mobile app to stop and which one you should spare. This, you can judge based on the amount of power that is consumed by a given app. When an app is consuming much power, then it is high time you close it immediately you have finished working on it.

However, as I stated earlier, apps that are useful to your phone will not give you the option to close them.

Final Thoughts

All in all, closing apps running in the background is highly advisable because it helps to address problem of slowness in operation as well as prevent your battery from losing power fast.

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