Some Words of Advice On How To Set Up Mobile Hotspot

Did you know that you can actually use your mobile phone as a hotspot? It is now easy to make your phone a WI-FI hotspot and share internet with other people nearby. Both Iphones and android phones can be set to share data connection with other phones. On your android phone, you can actually share your internet connection with up to five other devices such as phones, laptops and tablets.

Unlike tethering, making your phone a hotspot is more convenient because it does not involve linking phones and computers with a USB cable. Hotspot feature is important because it promotes internet connection between different people and therefore enhancing internet connectivity.

Although it is a familiar feature with android phones, a considerable number of people are still not quite aware on how to make setup hotspot on their phones. In this article, I want to extensively explain to you on how you can easily setup hotspot in your mobile device. Understand that the process I am providing can be used in all brands of mobile devices.

Setting up hotspot 

Firstly, you should enable your phone to using the feature of WI-FI hot spot. Although most of the android devices come with the feature enable, if your android phone is restricted, you should go to setting and enable it.

Press on your menu and choose settings option. From the setting, you will find wireless& networks option.

Mark okay, beside the option portable Wi-Fi hotspot to, and immediately the phone will start to act like a wireless access point.

The “Wi-Fi hotspot” option comes with a setting option where you can set your own password, which you will share with other devices. Although, the android device comes with default password, you can always change the pass and set it the way you want.

Actually, Wi-Fi hotspot on the phones operates virtually like the hotspot from a router. The two are similar into two ways; first you set passwords in both as well as allow who is going to access the internet connection.

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Connecting with other devices

From the devices that want to access the internet, you are required to find the hotspot so as to connect them using your set password.

Once you enter the password that you have set, the external devices will be able to access internet data from your phone.


The general procedure of accessing internet connection from a hotspot is that is found on android can sometimes fail to work especially because of the some devices come with restriction on hotspot access. This restriction can be because some access to internet from the hotspot requires paying extra amount of money on internet data.

However, there still a way that you can use to enhance internet connection with other devices from a hotspot.

Using special apps

Apps are designed to help in operating various tasks with ease. In the same way, there are apps that are specialized in helping the accessibility of Wi-Fi connection by other devices close to you.

Elixir 2 is one of the apps that you can use to boost hotspot connection without experience extra charges.

There are other apps that you can find on the Google Play Store. Just go through the different apps that aid hotspot connectivity on the Google Play Store and go ahead and download and install it in your phone.

However, be informed that using apps that circumvent extra charges from the use of hotspots connection are termed to violate some terms and conditions of using hotspots connections. Therefore, it is important to examine the terms and condition to prevent violation that can attract legal problems.

Tips on hotspots 

It is imperative to close Wi-Fi connectivity whenever it is not being used. Leaving the internet running accrues high charges on data. Additionally, leaving your internet connection running can drain the battery of your phone because the operation system is still running therefore consuming your battery.

Usually, setting the Wi-Fi hotspot puts you to the WPA2 security. Passwords under this security are relatively weak therefore prone to cyber attackers. Therefore, when you establish your hotspot also recreate a strong password that will be hard to be breached by the scammers.

Always confirm the guidelines provided by the manufacturers in order to identify the right strategy to setup hotspot in your phone.

However, if the entire procedure provide in this article does not operate in your phone, feel free to reach out to the developers of your phone get the exact reason behind the technical problem facing your phone.

Why you should create hotspot

May be you are wondering why you should create hotspot in your mobile device. Firstly, it is important to understand that it is a person decision to setup a hotspot in your mobile phone and reasons vary from one person to the other.

However, the main reason behind setting up a hotspot is to enable one device to share internet connection with other devices nearby. With a hotspot, you can easily help your friends to access internet when they have run out of their internet data.

Although there are some people who tend to share the internet data at a fee, the internet from a hotspot in your phone is best for sharing with friends and colleagues.

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It is important to be careful with whom you are sharing the password of your hotspot. This is because whenever they start using your internet, you are the one that will be incurring all the cost of monthly or weekly data charges.

When you are using an app to avoid hotspot restrictions in your phone, you should ensure that it does not go against the term and regulations set by the company. This is important because it help to prevent legal problems with the company.

Additionally, it is highly advisable to constantly be monitoring your internet usage to examine the rate at which the people connected to your hotspot are consuming your internet data. Monitoring your connection helps to identify the cost that you are incurring and when to open or close connectivity. 

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