How to screenshot on android

Have you ever encountered something while browsing the internet and you wish to share it as it is? Maybe the information is too complicated to print or you just want to save time. Well, screenshots are what you need.

This involves taking a snapshot of your phone, tablet or desktop screen as it is. You get to capture whatever is on the screen as an image.

So why do we take screenshots?

You must have noticed that it is quite easy to share information on social media which is presented as screenshots. Your friends would see whatever you witnessed exactly as it is.

Another purpose screenshots serve is demonstrations. If you have ever used software which has just been introduced into the market, there is a high likelihood that you were tutored through screenshots.

The screen grab technology may also be used by tech companies in addressing customer complaints. All you would do is capture the screen with whatever message has been displayed and forward it to the developer.

You may also apply the screenshots in assessing a particular product, mainly software. You would use it to show other potential users its exact appearance.

Let us now address another burning issue. How do we do it?

It has come to our attention that although many people are impressed by the screenshot phenomenon, they do not know how to take one.

This article is going to provide you with various simple options on how to take screenshots. We are focusing on android devices since this is the most common OS in operation.

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Root the android device

This method would introduce you to the playstore which has secure and easy to use apps. Several of these apps come with a button specifically for taking screenshots.

Do not worry if you are using an old android version. Some apps designed to cater for such versions.

Through the basic operating system

This is the simplest and most common method. All you do is press and hold the decrease volume and power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

There will be a confirmation via a notification as to whether the operation was successful, although it is rarely negative. This will have been preceded by an animation displayed on the screen.

If your phone does not use this basic method, there is another way.

Creative means

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore, if your android device does not use the basic method, there are shortcuts which are created by the manufacturer.

For instance, a Samsung device uses the power and home buttons. You would have to press the two buttons simultaneously.

As is always the rule, you will be notified of the success.

Aside from these in-built methods, you can also get the screenshot service through third party means. This includes apps developed specifically for screen grabbing.

Let us look at some of these apps.

Capture screenshot

If you are an android user who is not fascinated by excessive features, this is the app for you. The main unique feature it has is photo editing.

The app utilizes button combinations as well as optional methods which include pulling down from the top and floating buttons.

Apowersoft screenshot

If you want an app that stands out from the rest, this one’s for you.  It has its own web browser.

It also has the ability to capture the whole page. This means that you can view the information on the page without having internet connectivity.

 The other impressive feature with the app is cloud storage and image cropping.

Super screenshot

Are you one of those people who get easily annoyed by the constant ads popping up whenever you access an app? Well, this app is your preferred option.

It is quite easy to use and also allows lets you edit your screen grabs before storing them. Apart from this, it is free to download.

Numerous reviews by users give this app the highest rating.

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Screenshot Easy

This app is also a free download. You have a variety of ways of using it, for example, by performing a shake down, use of an overlay button and use of another button in the notification bar.

With this app, you can choose the format in which to save the screenshot.

The Icondice model

If you are an easy going kind of person, look no further. At no point will you be required to press any button.

An additional plus is that it contains no ads.

To use it, you first run the app on your device. Then, you long press either the left or right side of the screen.

Screenshot Ultimate

This app comes with a variety of impressive features, making it one of the best in the market.

Aside from having over 15 methods of capture, it can support non-android devices. You can also avoid the annoying ad pop-ups by upgrading to another version. This however comes at a cost.

If for any reason you have been forced to use pre-android 4.0, which you cannot screenshot through the operating system, we will provide you with a simple way to beat the system.

For android 3.2.6, you will have to install No Root Screenshot It. This app has a simpler display for any user to understand its operation.

Another reliable approach for non-rooted devices is the android SDK. If you are successful enough to complete its complicated set up, you will realize that this is the most reliable method.

To avoid these complications, it is advisable for everyone to upgrade to the latest android versions.

In summary, android 4.0 and beyond ensures that screenshot is part of the operating system. If you wish to further explore the amazing world of screenshots, you can easily get third-party apps on the playstore.

We advise anyone to stick to the playstore to avoid security breaches.

For the older versions, you will have to root your device or install the complicated applications.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand more on taking screenshots on your android device?

So which is your preferred method?

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