How to run android apps on chromebook

Did you know that you can now play your android apps on chromebook? Yes. That is very true; you can now easily have your favorite android apps playing on your chromebook. But how! Just continue reading. In this article, I am providing you with a guide on how you can engage with your android apps in your chromebook. Beside, who would want to miss the opportunity to enjoy thousands and thousands of android apps in your chromebook?

But first, what is a chromebook?

A chromebook is a kind of laptop that does not run on the common operating systems such as windows 10, windows 8, macOS or other common operating systems. Chromebooks, just as the name suggests, they run on Google’s Chrome operating system. Chrome operating system enables the laptop to operate as a laptop as well as virtually as a big phone.

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The main difference between the chromebook and the other common laptops is that it basically operates when it is connected to the internet. Internet connection is required when operating a chromebook because most its icons and apps are cloud-based. Basically, this means that, unlike phones where the apps are downloaded and stored in the phone, the apps used on chromebook are stored in the internet.

You have to connect to the internet to all the apps based on the cloud to operate in your chromebook.

The main problem that has been facing chromebook users is the fact that they previously could not play their android apps on their chrome book. Basically, only apps that were compatible with chromebook could play on chromebook.

The sad part was that you could not play your favorite android app on your chromebook because it will give you the sign “the apps is incompatible”.

Although android apps can now be played on chromebook, quite a considerable number of people have not yet understood on how to go about it. This article provides you with a guide on how to play your android app on your chrome.

By the time you are through with article, you will have a clear understanding on how you can continue enjoying your favorite android apps on your chromebook.

New move by Google Company

Google chrome operating system was developed by the Google Company. The operating system is widely used in cromebooks because of its cloud-based nature. Initially, the chromebook was widely embraced in the education sector, but has continued to be embraced by the other people.

In order to make the chromebook to be more effective, Google Company decided to make it compatible with android apps.

This simply means, you will be able to play a wide range of android apps.

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Playing android apps on chromebook

If your chromebook has the latest chrome operation system, then you can immediately start to download and install android apps.

You can check the status of your operating system by clicking “About Chrome OS” at the top of the screen.

It is important to constantly check of updates of the OS of your chromebook, this is because installing updates helps to ensure that it is operating effectively.

Once you have updated the OS of your chromebook, go to setting and select Google Play Store to enable it to operating in your chromebook.

After enabling Google Play Store you will be required to agree to additionally terms and conditions.

Enabling Google Play Store allows you to access millions of apps on the android.

Older version of Chrome OS

The first step to enabling your chromebook to play android apps is to switch to the developer channel. Although this puts your chromebook at risk of bugs but it helps to power-wash your chromebook or simply “restore factory”.

Here are the steps for switching your chromebook to developer channel: 

Firstly, press the setting option in the lower-right corner.

Then select on “About Chrome OS” to examine the version number of your operating system.

Then click “More information”. This feature will give you the opportunity to get more details about your OS installation.

Then tap on change channel. A dialogue box will appear requesting you to select the channel of your choice. Usually, you are provided with two options, to select the Beta or Developer channel.

After you have selected “Developer channel” the chromebook operating system will immediately update the channel.

You will then be required to click on “restart” to enable the chromebook to now operate under the new channel.

Once the chromebook has rebooted, you are then required to log in normally, and from then you will be having Google Play Store (beta).

Then open the Google Play Store app and set it to gather data from anonymous location.

Google Play Store (Beta) on Chrome

Once you have your Google Play Store in your Google Chromebook, then log in with your same account. And you are good to go.

Remember, the process of installing android apps in your chromebook is similar the process of installing android apps in your phone.

On chromebook, the apps will scale to meet the resolution of the large screen. However, the app will play in the same way they do on the android smartphones.


Although you can now play android apps on chromebook, there are still some limitations which can be somehow annoying. One of the limitations of playing android apps on chromebook is that they some times experience sluggishness. This is contributed by the fact that the operation system of chromebook uses real-time data. Therefore, if the data of a give android app is not updated, running it on chromebook will be relatively slow which affects interaction with the data.

Therefore when running android apps on chromebook it is important to understand that when the information is not real time, it can be slow. Therefore it is just a temporal problem.

However, the good news is that Google Company has continued to make arrangement to address the problem. The new chromebook manufactured by 2017 come with Google play store which allows the user to download and install android apps. 

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