How to reverse image search on Android

We always go to the Google search engine to search for information on various subjects as well as images. At times, you may feel that you need to dig a little deeper to get more information on a particular image.

This operation, known as reverse image search, is possible on the desktop. However, it is not that direct and straightforward on the Smartphone. One may find this a little queer since Google is the owner of Android and yet this feature is really hard to find on Android devices.

Do not be dismayed. We shall give you simple methods on how you may reverse image search on your Android Smartphone.

Use of Google Chrome

This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to do a reverse image search on your Android device. First, you will open your Google chrome browser and locate the image which you intend to reverse search. Tap and hold on the image and a menu will display itself on the screen.

From the various options on the menu, select “Search Google for this Image”.
Quite easy, isn’t it? If for whatever reason you cannot apply this method or you simply do not like it, we have another way for it.

Use of “”

This is a method you should use if you have saved on your Android device the image you wish to reverse search. Start by going to your mobile browser and typing “” on the address bar.

Then you tap on the “Upload picture” box and select an image from the device storage. You will also have the option of taking a picture using the phone’s camera.

As soon as the image is uploaded, tap on “Show matches”. Google will provide you with every website containing images that are similar to the one you uploaded.

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By Google Image Search

This method is also quite convenient. You will follow the same procedure as if you were on your PC. Open your mobile browser, preferably Google Chrome and the start up page is likely to be equipped with a search bar.

Ensure that you have set Google as your default search engine. This would mean that you can search your image straight from the start page. Another option is heading over to and initiating your image search from there.

Once you get to the Google search results, tap at the top on “Images”, such that you would only view photos. When you locate your image, select it and tap on the three vertical dots so as to open a bigger version of the photo. Press and hold on the image and you will be availed with the option to save it.

Use of apps 

There are several apps which we may use to perform a reverse image search on your Android device.

Search by image app

This app is the best option if you wish to reverse image search for several images. You will need to download the app from the Google Playstore and install it. Once you have installed it, tap it to open it.

In the bottom right corner, tap on the “+” icon and from the list displayed, select “Image Gallery”. From the phone gallery, choose an image and then press on the search button, which you will find at the bottom of the screen.

This app has several impressive features. One is that it allows you to edit your image before using it for using them. It also alerts you on fake images popping up on the results as well as inform you of the time period that the image has been in existence.

Image search app

 This app is also simple to use with a friendly interface. You can also use it if you have more than one image which you wish to place in the search engine.

It has several impressive features. One is that you can crop your image before using it. You would easily leave out any part of the photo that you feel is unnecessary or unattractive.

Another quality it has is the uploading of files in the background. This implies that you would upload several files simultaneously and provide a multitasking aspect.
There are several advantages to using reverse image search engines

Food recipe

At times you may need expert advice on a certain delicacy but you do not know the name of that particular dish. All you may be having is the photo of that delicacy.

In this case, all you would do is insert this image in the reverse image search and you will get your desired recipe.

Art work verification

You can use the reverse image search to check whether anyone is using your projects without the necessary approval. This would help you maintain the authenticity of your art work.

Verifying the names of prominent people

The reverse image search would help you in searching for details regarding celebrities. Just insert the image of the person of your interest and Google will display all the possible results.

Tracking locations

The RIS will also enable you to trace the origin or exact location of a particular house or building.
In case the real estate agent is being unclear on the details regarding the location or address, you can just insert the image of the building and the possible locations would be displayed.

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Identifying unique objects

This will especially be of benefit to you if you are a researcher or an explorer.

If during your exploits you come across a strange object or animal, you can just upload the image to the search engine and from the possible results that Google will display, you will probably get a name.

In conclusion

This tool is quite helpful in providing us with additional information on images which we were clueless about. The more advanced search engines help us in proving the authenticity of these images.

We hope that with time, Google will simplify the use of this tool for all Android users. In the meantime, why don’t you employ the means we have given to you so as to enjoy the benefits that come with this handy tool?

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