How to print from android: follow these steps

Printing hardcopies is one of the fundamental functions of a computer. However, with the growth of technology, printing has been made even easier. You can now fast and easily print hard copy documents from your phone. With your android powered phone, you now easily print your preferred document to the printer nearby. You can print copies from your android smartphone or tablet. Continue reading.

Printing from android is simple and does not involve a special hardware. By just following this guide, you can print documents or photos from any printer. Firstly, when you want to print any document from your android phone, you start right from the Google Play Store. Why?

Finding the right app to enable printing

The Google Play Store comes with a wide range of apps that are used to aid in printing of documents from android to any printer. Usually, some brands such as canon, HP, Samsung and Brother among other brands have their apps which enable printing from android. All these apps can found on Google Play Store.

You can also find the app from the setting. You are supposed to go to settings and press “add service” where you will get option of the available printing apps. You are required to select the app the matches with the make of your printer.

Usually, every app comes with its set of instructions which you should adhere to when you want to print. You are required to connect the printer to the wireless internet connection of your mobile phone. When printing, you should ensure that internet connection is on through out the printing process to ensure that the document is printed in full.

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Detecting your device

Firstly, when you are printing from your android device, you should first detect the printer from your phone in order connect the two devices.

First and foremost, it is important to ensure that you have a Google account to help you connect with the wireless printer. The printers usually connect through the Google account.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is an android feature that enables fast printing from any printer. Although the latest printers come when they are already compatible with the android devices, the printers of older version are not very much able to link with the mobile phones.

You can make the older version to be compatible with cloud printing by setting it to work with the service.

Google is designed to identify every cloud ready printer and allow for fast connectivity. Cloud enabled printers are able to print documents from cloud without the need of a PC.
Cloud-ready printers are easier to locate on Google cloud and also connect with android.

Setting cloud print in your android mobile phone

Unlike older version of smartphones, the new versions come with all the set up ready for Google Cloud Printing. Currently, phones come preinstalled with Cloud print app which enables printing from android without adding any additional feature.

However, if your printer does not come with Cloud Print app, you can always update it to make it compatible.

When you press “add printer” you android Operating System will automatically start searching for any nearby printer. During this time, you should also have connected your printer to accept wireless connection to an external device. Like I stated earlier, the printer will only work if it is connect to the network is being used by your android device.

Remember, if your printer does not connect to your android through the internet, you can always use a cab, USB or you can even use Bluetooth. All these methods provides you with an alternative approach to printing from a smartphone.

The actual printing process

Since you are now conversant with the whole concept of printing from android operating system to your printer, it time you learn more about the actual process of printing. Different apps support cloud printing including office applications such as Ms Work, excel and other applications such as Gmail and Google photos. Currently, many apps are coming with a printing option, although it is sometime hidden.

On the photos and most office application, the printing option is found on the three button menu that are usually found on the top right of the app-page.

When printing an office document, you are required to tap on the printing option, whereby a small window will appear requiring you to customize the printing process.

You can customize the printing option by selecting the number of copies that you want, change the default page size and page orientation among and other customization.

Ones you have set the page the way you want, you select print and then select the printer that you want to use.

The best aspect about android printing is that cloud printing allows you to print any document from any location. Because every aspect of the cloud printing is that it operate over the internet therefore allowing printing from a distant location.

Because both the phone and the printer contribute to the quality of the document, it is imperative to ensure that you have the right printer. There wide range of brands of printers in the market, which gives you the aspect of choice.

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Cloud enabled printers comes with varying instructions, therefore the need to ensure that you carefully go through the instructions in order to connect the printer and the phone. Reading through the instructions helps to ensure that you adhere to the procedures provided by the developers of the app.

Open a valid Google account, and the best approach is to use the same account that is connected to your phone rather than connecting it to a different account. This makes it easy to identify the wireless connection with the printer.

Understand that the quality of document printed in the printer is based is based on the resolution of your android device.

Like normal printing, you are required to ensure that you have the adequate ink in your printer to produce quality documents.

Once you are done with printing, it is important to disconnect the connection to save your internet data. 

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