How to Play Android Games on PC: Important Details

Did you know that you can actually play your favorite android games in your phone right into your computer? Yes, you can move your android gamesfrom phone and use keypads and computer screen to play the games in your phone.

Android provides a wide range of games which game lovers can download and enjoy. The computers provided just a great experience because now you have keypads and a relatively large screen to enjoy your favorite android game.

Using keys in the tablet or your smartphone to play some android games can hinder full experience because you have to be very careful with your delicate device in addition to straining from a relatively small screen.

Computers are preferred because they provide the flexibility and visibility that is required in played videos with challenging levels.

Using an Emulator

The first step to playing your android games in your computer it to use an emulator. There are various android emulators online that you can download to help access your android games in your computer.

In order to smoothly enjoy your android game in your computer, you should ensure that you have a powerful computer. Although with emulation of games in your computer you are not required to invest in a gaming computer, you however need ensure that your computer has a high speed of the process and enough memory in your harddisc.

Another aspect about the computer is that android games can run on a wide range of operating systems including windows 7, windows 10 and windows 8.1. Generally, if you have a pretty modern computer, you will not have any difficulty in playing your android game.

With the growth of technology, there isa wide range of emulators that you can use to link your android phone and even link a friend that you can play together on your PC.

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How to Get This Done

Firstly, you should examine a credible site and download an android emulator from an authorized developer. Once you have identified the specific emulator that you want to use in for playing your android phone, you go ahead and download and install it in your computer.

And just like you navigate in your phone using your hand, in the computer you will navigate using your mouse. You will then select link the emulator to your phone from the option that is provided on the interface.

Because keyboard is different from pads you use on your phone, the emulators provides with an opportunity to set the keys that you will be using when playing the game.

Emulators have been improved to work with many games including Road to Survival, Asphalt 8 Airborne andThe Walking Dead among many others android games.

Creating an Emulator Account

From the emulator that you have installed in your phone, you will be required create an account that will enable you to access your android game.

Once you are done creating your account, all you need is to go to ‘my app’ section, where you will be able to view various apps including the Google play store.

With the emulator, you are now able operate the computer like your phone where you can access various apps and play the games like in a mobile phone. This is enabled by the fact that the emulator is able to access Google play store and download the wide range of android games available.

Accessing the Pre-Established Library

By using your Google account logins, which you used on your android phone, you will be in a good position to access the pre-established library that you can link with your computer. This means, the emulating software enables you to access the apps that you downloaded for free or bought through Google play store through your android phone.

In this regard, you can easily choose the kind of app that you want to select and play in your computer. For instance, if you had purchased or downloaded the Temple run in your phone, you just go to the pre-existing library in your computer once you log in.

Then from your computer, your easily play the game using the keys on your keyboard depending with your settings.

The Benefits of Using an Emulator

One of the best things ofusing an emulator to play android games in your computer is that using an emulator on your phone will simply follow the same way you use in your phone.

You can easily search for the game that you want and click on it to download or purchase and it will work the same it would work on the phone.

It is imperative to note that some emulators are designed to aid in the installation of games that are outside Google play store. However, to ensure this, the games must come from suppliers that are authorized by android. When you identify a video game that is not on Google app store, you can just confirm whether it is accredited and compatible with android then you go ahead and download it.

This means, with emulators you have the privilege play a wide range of video games from android and other sources outside android.

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No Need to Spend on Expensive Computers

By using an emulator, you no longer need to spend huge amount of money on gaming computers. You can now enjoy your android games on your personal computer by linking it through your emulator. You will not only enjoying the convenience of playing the game on the keyboard but also enjoy good virtual from the big computer screen.

Additionally, unlike phones where you will need Bluetooth and other additional feature to engage in multiple-players mode, the android emulators provideplayers with an opportunity to play the game with multiple players at a go.


Remember, it is important to ensure that your emulator has the many features that are able to enhance your gaming experience. However, when an emulator does not meet your expectation, you can just go and download a new one. Usually, there are some sites that charge for downloading android emulators while there are those that give you a chance to download for free. However, they all have the same experience, although they take different methods in installation and usage.

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