How to open exe files on Android

Computer files with the “exe” extension are known as executables. They run on windows OS and are generally used to install applications. These files may also enable the user to reduce their work to a single file whilst compressing its size.

Another major reason for running exe files is so that you may play older games for the Windows platform which are yet to be ported over to the Android OS.

You as an Android user may wonder whether it is possible to run an exe file on an Android device. The design of these files implies that they are meant to run on the windows OS only. You can also run them in Ubuntu or Linux environment by use of wine emulators. This does not mean that you cannot install them for use on your Android device.

Although you cannot directly download and install the file on the Android OS, there are apps on the Google Playstore which you may use to open them (exe file) on the Android OS. Here are some of the ways in which you can run exe files on Android.

“DOS BOX” method 

In simple terms, a DOS BOX is an app which creates a command line on your Android phone.

One of the most popular DOS BOX apps on Google Playstore is aFreebox. This is probably because of the additional features that it provides. The DOS BOX application allows programs meant for the MS DOS system to work on the newer systems via emulation.

To use this app, just follow the guidelines below:

1st Step

Download and install the app on your Android phone. Ensure that the exe file you intend to run is in a root folder and name it.

Give it a name that you will remember easily; for instance Serenawilly.

2nd Step

Run the new app and once it is active, go to the command line and type in “cdSerenawilly” and then press Enter.

Note that case sensitivity is not an issue.

3rd Step

At this point, you will have been directed into the folder where the exe file is. While in the folder, type the exe name in the folder. It will not be necessary to insert the .exe at the end of this name.

Finally, you will be able run the exe file on the android device if the program is compatible with the DOS BOX app.
If this method does not work for you, there is another way.

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Through the Inno Setup Extractor

This is probably one of the most simple exe file opener for an Android device. Just download the app from Google playstore and install it. Once you have done that, put your desired exe file on your Android device.

Use a file manager to locate these files and then open the file using this app.
The app will extract the exe file on your Android phone and you may check these files later on.

Through a windows computer

Since the exe file cannot be run directly from your Android phone, you may use your windows computer to host the applications, the Android device as a display and interface towards the application.

To use this method, just follow the guidelines below:

Installation of server

The first necessary step is installing a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server on your PC. This would enable your computer to be controlled and viewed from another device.

You will then launch the server. Usually, the app configures itself such that it would be viewable with a password.

Note the IP address

At this stage, note down the IP address of your PC. You can obtain this information from the settings of the VNC servers. Once you have done that, use the name and password of the router to log in to the administrative page of the network router.

Use the external IP address to connect your Android phone to the office network. However, if the domain name has already been assigned to the network, you may skip this step.

Locate the “Port Assignment” tab

This tab normally redirects network requests from the internet to other computers on your network. On most networks, if you run an internal web server, you may get an assignment for port 80.

Earlier on, you had established the IP address of the VNC server. You will now assign port 5900 to route to this address. You may sign 5900 for both incoming and outgoing port assignments if they are there.

VNC client application

You should install a VNC client application, at this stage, on your Android device. Fortunately enough, they are available for free. They include Mocha VNC Lite and Android-vnc-viewer.

Launching the client app

In this final step, start by launching VNC client app on your Android device and then connect it to the IP address you noted in the previous stage. You then enter the password which you came up with earlier for your server.

The router will connect you to the computer running the server. All this would be viewable on your screen.

The set up is now complete. You are now able to open any exe file from your Android device. You can now control the phone and view its contents from the VNC client.

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An important fact that you should note is that although there are many apps out there that you can use to run exe files on Android, not all exe files will run on Android based devices. Even the so called special apps are not effective when it comes to running these flies on Android.

There are many benefits of running exe files on any device without paying attention to its operating system. They enable you save on space by compressing the size of the files. More space on your device would mean faster and better performance.

If you feel the need to run an exe file on your Android device, why don’t you just employ the means given above and see how it goes.

Let us also cross our fingers and hope that the developers will come up with direct ways of running exe files on Android devices.

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