How to Move Apps to SD Card

Have you ever been in that tongue-tied moment where you want to install a new app in your phone then a message pops-up telling you that you have insufficient space in your phone? Apart from apps, sometimes you may need some space in your phone to send in some files but only to realize that there is no adequate space.

Well, do not worry; there are various options that you can take to add some space in your phone.You can decide to delete some files which you think are not important or you do not need them any more. Or otherwise, you can transfer some files into your computer and once you are through with the phone you can return the files back to your phone

But why do all this when there is an SD card. SD cards provides a simple method that you can use to free some space in your phone. How? Continue reading. But first:

What is an SD card?

SD cards are tiny memory tools that are used to provide additional memory to devices such as phones. The cards are used in various devices such as phones, cameras, video camcorders among other devices. With the use of an SD card, you can easily increase the size of space in your device.

The good thing about SD cards is that you can select one that matches with your device. Well, this is based on the additional memory that you want in you device. SD cards comes in different sizes from 128MB, 1GB, 2GBto as big as 128 GB.

But it is also important to note that most devices currently come with SD cards, which are usually inserted by the developer of the device. But if yours does not have, you do not have toworry; you can just get one from an electronic store near you or even from online stores.

In this article, I wantto specifically focus on how you can easily move apps from your phone to your SD card.

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Freeing some space in your phone using an SD card

Creating some additional space in your phone is very important. When you purchase a new smartphone, you are often drawn to download a wide range of apps especially when you have access to Wi-Fi.

Actually, the space of the phone is one of the factors that you put into consideration when purchasing a new phone. Although some phones promise a huge internal space, some operating systems usually consumes the entire space.

One of the best ways to free up some space in your phone is to transfer some apps into your SD card. Apps usually consumes a considerable amount of space in the phone, therefore transferring them to the SD card can help to create a significant amount of space in your phone.

Previously, only a few phones supported micro sd card. But, with the increase in the demand for the phones with sd card, the manufacturers ensured that all phones supported sd cards. Nowadays, it is difficult to find phone that does not support sd cards.

Moving Apps to your SD Card

The first step to moving your app to your sd card is to go to the settings. This is the place where you find the application management option. Press menu, go to setting and then select application management.

After pressing application management, you will see all the apps in your phone.

You will then select the app that you want the click on it. You will then provided with various options including whether you want to clear cache, force stop or move the app to sd card.

When select “move to sd” the app will immediately be moved to sd card.

Automatic Move of Apps to SD Card

You can set your phone to automatically be sending your downloaded apps directly to your sd card.

In order to achieve this, you should set your phone to make sd card your default memory of the phone. Go to setting, select memory setting. The choose to make your sd card your default memory position for your phone.

By making sd your default memory, every thing you download, including app, will automatically be stored to your sd card.

Not all apps

It is important to note that not all apps can be transferred from the phone to the sd card. When you buy a new smartphone, it comes with already pre-installed apps such as message app, call log app, setting app and camera app among others.

Generally pre-installed apps are the apps that you will not see the option “move to sd” when you select them from the setting.


It is important to understand that some sd cards are not that powerful and can not be used for storing huge amount of data. There are some sd cards that states to have a big space but once you start storing some data, you only realize it is only taking a lesser amount that stated.

There are also some sd card that will experience technical problem within a short time. Once damaged, the sd cards refuses to store any data and may at times report that “device not found”.

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Selecting the right sd card

It is important to understand that sd cards cannot be repaired like other electronic devices. Therefore, before you buy an sd card, it is important to ensure that you buy from the right buyers.

Sd cards from recognized brands provides good devices that will last for a long time. Although there is not direct method for choosing the right sd in the market, but you can just tell from what other people are saying.

When buying an sd card, visit the store and read some of the reviews that have been left by the previous buyers and users to understand what they are saying about the sd card.

If the reviews are positive, then you can decide to buy it.

Remember: sd cards provide a good alternative that you can use to supplement the space in your phone. By sending some apps to the sd card, you create more space in your phone that you can use to add some more file or other apps.

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