How to Make Your Phone Faster: Detailed Tips From a Pro

One of the problems that often faceandroid phones is that slow down in their operation which develops over time. When android phones starts to operate slowly, it is usually difficult toload internet pages, and some times even apps that do not require internet also operates at slower rate.

One fact is clear, that over time, you add new applications on your android phone in addition to adjusting various settings in the phone. With the addition of new applications and new changes on the settings, the phone can start to experience slow performance.

Your phone can be slower because the entire space is used up. When you fill you phone with music, videos, messages and other App, it is more likely to move slowly.Additionally, some viruses can attack your operating system and make your phone to be slow.

But, when phone starts to be slow than you have usually seen it, it is high time look of ways to make it move faster. Here are ways that you can make your phone to performance faster as if it is till new.

Google Files Go

The Google Files Go is special app that you can easily use to manage the storage space in your phone.The app gives you an overview of the amount of storage that has been used and the storage left, therefore enabling you to decided on whether to add more data in your phone or not.

With the app, you will be able clear cache and the data that you are not using in your phone. The app also gives you an opportunity to identify the files that you are not using, therefore preventing unwanted files from taking space in your phone.

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Uninstall unnecessary apps

Phones usually come with some phone form of bloatware. These are apps that some usually come with your phone, but you do not use them.

To uninstall these apps, you should go to the settings, the apps, where you will be able to find the apps that will you are no longer using in your phone. From the apps section, select the phones that you are not using in your phone and then delete them.

Deleting these apps create adequate space in the phone therefore helping the phone to operate much faster.

Install lightweight version apps

If your phone has a small space, it is important to minimize the amount of space that is consumed by the data and other content in your phone. This is why it is important to ensure that you are select apps that do not require a huge amount of space to operate.

For instance, you can decide to install Facebook lite and other light version of apps.

On top of this, you should delete videos and music files which you are no longer using in your phone. Creating more space is vital step to enhancing the level of performance of the phone.

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Update the system and the apps

It is important to ensure that your operating system is fully updated. Apart from updating the operating system, it is important to also update the apps.

Updates usually come with new improved stability which helps to promote good performance of the phone.

Try a new launcher

Launchers comes with different sizes and features, therefore it is important to identify the right launcher in your phone. It is important examine the right launcher that will not configure with phone.

After trying various methods without success, it is important to try a new launcher that can help to address the problem facing the phone. A new launcher can help to increase the speed of your phone.

Enhance the battery

Although unknown by many people, the battery can contribute sluggishness of your phone. This is why it is important to ensure that your battery is well charged. This is based on the fact that some apps and files may need more power to operate.

Final Thoughts

If you try the above strategies and your phones still fails to operate faster, it is important to seek more help from authorized experts or the developers.

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