How to make an android game: Take these tips

Games are some of the best forms of entertainment. They give players a sense of exploration and adventure and they try to maneuver through the different levels. If you are a video game enthusiast, you must have thought to yourself how you can make an android game. When you hear about making an android game, you may wonder how it all happens. Although making games involves a wide range of technicality, there are simple games that you can also make.

However, before you can make an android game, you are supposed to have some basic background of Java for easy understanding. There different levels that are involved in making of video game.

But what do you need in order to make an android game?

Firstly, you need to have an idea of how you want your game to look like. Then you have be in possession of other hardware tools that are vital for making an android game. Key among the hardware tools that should be used in the manufacture of the game include a personal computer or laptop, Java programming, android studio and JDK and JRE installed in your computer.

Before you start first set you android environment that will help you develop your application. You can easily develop your android app which can help you to create your android game app.

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First step

In this developer you are required to have a sample application, which in this case should be a Type-a-Number challenge application. You can download the sample application on the android studio.

Click on file and import project to your computer. Browse through directory where you downloaded android studio combined with the sample.

You are then required to change the package name from the to a different package of the name that you want.

Next, you are required to have an android Game Framework on which the game will play upon. This framework provides developers and easy way of putting the android game together.

Go to android studio

When creating a new android game, you should open android studio and open on “start on a new android studio project”. New project option is usually located at the top of the list.

A dialogue box will appear requiring you to configure your new project. In this option, you should save “Blank Game Project” but you can save as your company. However, you are provided with some option where you can leave as default.

After you have finished, and you are satisfied with the information you have provided, then you are required to click on next. Under this option, you will be provided with a dialogue box cited as target android devices. Under this option, you will be provided with an option to select the device that you want to support your game. By device, I mean the android version that you want to support your game.

The rule of thumb is to enable the android to play on the latest android version. Although the latest version is a preferable minimum SDK targeting for android game, you have the option leaving it at it default status.

After selecting your target device, then again you press next.

The next option requires you to add an activity to mobile. However, to avoid any difficulties just select “Empty Activity” Then you should then select next.

The next window is “customize the activity”. The activities in a game are processes that are involved in the game. Activity is a form of coding that is developed by the android studios to make the player to engage with the game.

Under this option, you should provide a name for your activity name, but usually this option comes with automatically updated options for the developer.
Then select finish.

The android studio provides developers with an opportunity to easily create and customize various feature to ensure quality game is developed easily be novice.

By pressing finish, you have created a simple game, but it may still requires some coding to enable the game to play in all versions


Although there are various tools that you can use to create video game, most of the online software tool found online still requires some level of programming.

Creating reality augmented games such as Pokemon Go requires more sophisticated tools and coding skills. Pokemon go and other games of similar category requires professionals because of the complexity that they come with.

With some basic understanding of coding such as Java C++, you can easily gain make a 2D game that you can place it on Google Play Store and even monetize it to gain some income.


There are different software tools that you can select in order to make an android game. The software tools are developed to ensure that both experts and beginners are able to develop a game with ease.

GameSalad is one of the game development software that you can use to create an android game fast and easily. The software tool comes with high creative features which gives the game a wide range of effects that are needed in making a quality game. Apart from top-notch features, GameSalad comes with additional benefits such as providing developers with a link to put the developed game to the Google Play Store and to monetize the game.

Stencyl is a portable game developer studio that comes with a wide range of tools to support the making of the game. Stencyl does not require any coding and only involves selecting and dropping to make quality games.

Actually, there are a diverse studios available online that you can use to develop a video game. Apart from GameSalad and Stencyl, others include GameMaker studio, Flow Lab and Sploder.

By fully understanding on how to create an android game, you can also use it as a business opportunity. You can earn from the game that you have developed by monetizing them on the Google Play Store.

If you want to gain the ability to make more complex games, you should ensure that you acquire some coding skills. 

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