How to Make aPokestop – Some Handy Tips for You

If you are a gaming enthusiast, Pokemon Go has to be on your list. This is an augmented reality(AR) mobile game which was developed by Niantic for iOS and android devices.

The game uses the mobile GPS to locate and battle virtual creatures which appear as if they are in the player’s actual real world. These creatures are known as pokemons and they have increased from 150 to more than 370 in 2018.

Pokestops are an additional feature for two main purposes. From them, you can get several items for free and after adjusting to the right module they are a place for catching pokemons.

It is however astonishing that a great percentage of pokemon go users do not know how to make a pokestop, given its great importance. This article will explain various simple ways of creating a pokestop.

Use of ‘Seed Portals’

This is a feature by Niantic on its database whereby major structures have no images. Such include local postal offices, police stations and government buildings. Pokemon go users would therefore have to join this database and find out if their preferred location is available.

They will then have to take good pictures of very high quality of the building and then submit it to the administration. For better clarity, the pictures should have a very good description.

The administration of ingress are the sole decision makers as to whether the pictures will be approved as portals. It is therefore up to the user to take very high quality pictures to increase chances of approval.

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Getting a pokestop as a business

The advantage with requesting for a pokestop as a business is that the businesses always get some special consideration. For instance, when filling in the submission form, there is an additional option at the bottom that normal people do not have.

This is mainly so with businesses which desire a partnership with Niantic. Once the formalities of a partnership are established, a business can then be a pokestop or even a gym. A good example of such partnership is the one with McDonalds which has pokestops at numerous locations in Japan.

Requesting removal of a pokestop

This is one way of manipulating pokestops. If you notice a pokestop at a place likely considered inappropriate, for example a graveyard or amosque, you may request for its removal.  Through this method,  one can get a pokestop at their location of choice.

Reporting Issues or problems with current pokestop

Some pokestops may have problems such as being at the wrong place or just having abnormal behavior. Once a user notices this, they may report the problem for it to be fixed and the end result may be a new pokestop.

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Frequently Asked Questions onPokestops

How long does it take for pokestops to refresh?

The normal duration barring any technical difficulties is a maximum of five minutes. Users hope that Niantic  will upgrade its systems so as to lower this time.

What do Pokestop Modules do?

These modules refer to stuff which are attachable to the pokestop. These modules tend to attract Pokemon to the Pokestop  for half an hour rather than the preferred location.

How long do lure models last?

Currently, these models last up to six hours up from the usual thirty minutes. Such improvement comes about due to frequent systems upgrade.

What advantages do PokeStops  have over gyms?

Pokestops are used to identify the pokemons which are closest by. This feature does not exist in gyms.

Pokemon go users have the ability to add more lure modules to pokestops. This has the effect of causing more Pokemon to lurk closer.

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