How to listen to podcasts on Android

Gone are the days when the only source of information that we could listen to was the radio. Nowadays, the podcasts are the in-thing. You can listen to podcasts at your own convenience. The best thing about podcasts is that you decide what you want to listen to, not like radios which forced topics down our throats.

You should know that there are millions of podcasts out there on the web. All you would need is a podcast app from which you can stream content.
We shall guide on which podcast apps for Android are available for you.

Pocket casts 

If you are podcasts fan, then you must have heard of pocket casts. It has a friendly UI and supports both dark and light themes.

With this app, you can configure your settings to suit your data plan, if you are not on a Wi-Fi network. You can also edit unwanted parts of the podcast as well as make use of the playback feature.

A major plus in this app is that you can sync podcasts across devices. You can sign into your account from any Android device. The developers frequently release updates for this app, so great things are always on the way.

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Podcast Addict

This app is freely available in the Google Playstore. Its features include support for video podcasts as well as external speakers. It also offers support for internet radio stations.

You can always configure the settings to suit your needs and style.
A major downside to this app is its UI which is a bit outdated.

Stitcher Radio

You will instantly know you are on Stitcher radio judging by the clear UI. The front page contains various suggestions of podcasts. The suggestions are generated based on the interests that you stated while creating your account.

You can also search for particular topics to locate new podcasts. The app also lets you create your own playlist of favorite podcasts as well as connect with other users online.

The home screen can also be configured such that your playlists or saved episodes as the default page any time you open the app.

Stitcher radio has a basic free version and a premium version which is ad-free, has access to bonus episodes of certain podcasts as well as exclusive episodes of certain shows.

Spreaker Podcast Radio 

This app lets you sample several shows at once, instead of wasting time digging deep into an episode. The channels in the app curate several episodes from diverse podcasts all centered on a particular theme, for instance sports, business news and so on.

The main advantage of this app is that it sorts its shows into specific groups, for instance podcasts for software developers.

The channels are also categorized based on various topics like fitness, religion and technology.

Google Podcasts

This app was released in 2016 and was initially meant to be part of Google Play Music. However, with time it was developed into a stand-alone podcast app.

Its appearance is pretty much like other podcast apps and at its launch, you could access over two million podcasts. You can use many of Google Assistant’s features such as voice commands to play, pause and resume a podcast.

Eve n better is that your podcasts can be synced across Android devices. Google regularly releases updates, so you can be rest assured that there is awesome stuff on the way.


This app is quite a new entrant to the podcast universe. The main aim of this app was to discover and connect content creators.

One of its developing partners, the no-profit organization Public Radio Exchange probably came up with this idea.

It has extremely high ratings in the podcast world.


This is one of the best podcast apps out there. You can upload your content directly to the app. It has a friendly user interface too.

A major problem with this app is that the search results take too long to come. It also does not give you much options of listening to your shows offline since it focuses more on the streaming aspect.


Castbox is relatively new in the podcast universe. It offers you a clear and easy to use interface. Aside from that, you can access up to 50 million podcasts globally.
Browsing for your favorite content on this app is fairly simple and straightforward.


 Spotify is the most popular music streaming site. The popularity of the music streaming site ensured that the podcast app was popular as well. The UI is quite friendly and straightforward to use.

A major downside to spotify is that it mostly features the popular podcasts only. If you intend to listen to a podcast that is not quite popular, then this app is not for you.
You can use it for Android as well as Windows OS too.


This app has so many features that you would think you are dealing with an app store. The home screen has suggestions, popular episodes, and featured shows and so on.

Podbean has playback controls, for instance it has options that let you set how many seconds to skip ahead when fast-forwarding.

You will also be offered the option of configuring your settings such that you could automatically download all the podcasts that you follow.

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DoggCatcher podcast player

This app is a veteran in the field of podcast apps. It has a huge collection of podcasts. Aside from that, it also offers themes, automation and customization, support for playlists features among others.

A major downside to this app is that it does not get frequent updates. Also, unlike most of the other apps, this one you have to purchase it.

As much as purchasing it may put you off, it offers you a wonderful experience of avoiding ads and extra in-app purchases.

In conclusion

There are countless other podcast apps other than the ones we have pointed out to you. So find the one you think that suits you well and enjoy the experience, because they are meant to be fun.

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