How to install Google Play Store: Simple Steps for You

Google play store is a special app that usually comes with android-powered phones. The app is special because it gives a user with an opportunity to download other apps with ease. Unlike downloading apps from the internet, the Google play store is easy to use and fast to download. This gives you an opportunity to search and preview apps before you can download.

Actually the benefits of downloading apps from Google play store are so many, but let me add two benefits that I identify with. Firstly, with Google play store, you will find the opportunity to read the comments that have been left behind by previous users of a particular app that you want to download.

Clearly, this means, by the time you decide to download, the comments will have fully helped you to make a sound decision.

Rating Apps

The second benefit that I like about using Google play store is that it offers you an opportunity to rate the app, leave your comment as well as connect with the developers of the app. Of course, you can take help the developers in addressing a given weakness with the app.

But enough with the benefits of Google play store, the list can go on and on. Let us go back to the main reason why I decided to write this article.

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Not All Android Phones Come with Google Play Store

Like stated, Google play store is a special app that comes with android-powered phones. However, there is somethingI did not add to that statement.

That, not all android-phones come with the Google play store!Some of the popular brand such as Samsung, HTC, Motorolla and LG, come with pre-installed Google play store.

However, when you buy some emerging phone brands especially from Asia, you will most likely have to install the Google play store.

Therefore, if your phone comes with a Google play store, you are lucky.

But, this is not to say that you are unlucky if your phone does not come with Google play store. Why? Because there are alternative ways that you can have the Google play store on your phone. Just continue reading!

Method to install Google play store in an android phone

The step to download Google play store and installing it in your phone is quite simple and self-explanatory.

Like any other android app, Google play store comes in APK. Therefore, in order to download the app you will download it in its APK format.

Remember, like any other downloadable online product, you can use direct internet connection from your network provider or you can use WI-FI.

On the same note, you can download the Google play storeapp from your phone or from your personal computer and transfer it to your phone.

Step 1

From the internet, visit one of the trusted sites, such as tech blogs, android blogs and other social sites of trusted people, and click on download APK with Google play store.

Ensure that you only download from a site that is traceable to avoid scammer and cyber attackers lurking online to devour.

Even as you download, it is important to ensure that you are downloading the latest version. It is important to ensure this because the latest versions usually come with added features.

Step 2

After installing APK for Google play store, for it to install in your phone, you will have to set your phone to allow installation.

To allow installation of the Google play store, go to settings, security and press “allow installation of app from unknown sources.” This will immediately and automatically allow the Google play store to be installed in your phone.

This option of “allowing installation” is essentially meant to ensure that you are aware of any app that is installed in your phone. This is a security measure that is also helps to prevent phone users from scammers and other cyber criminals.

Step 3

The next step is to open the file manager and install the Google play store from the APK format. In this process, you will need to go to the file manager or SD, depending on where you save your downloads, and open the APK folder and directly install the app into your phone.

Now, you have the app in your phone! You can go ahead and explore the wide range of apps that you would like to install in your phone. I hate repeating myself but I must repeat this: Google play stores contain hundreds of apps which you can easily access and down load to your phone.

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What to Keep in Mind

But, understand that apps require space in your phone, therefore when downloading apps in your phone, ensure that there is adequate space in your phone. But, good news is that you can add the space on our phone by using an external storage device, and even download more apps.

However, it is also advisable to uninstall apps that you are not using to create space for apps that you actively use. And, it is also important because too many app in a limited phone space can reduce the speed of your phone.

Before I forget, ensure that you have gone back to your phone settings, go to security and uncheck the box that allows installation of apps from unknown sources.“But why is this important?” You may be asking.

Un-checking the box disables the phone from automatically installing apps in your phone without your knowledge. This prevents harmful apps from being installed in your phone without your permission.

But, all in all, go ahead and have a good experience with your Google play store.

Final Thoughts

You really can’t underestimate the benefits of getting Google Play Store installed in your phone. This simple platform opens the doors of the digital world wider to you. Through that opportunity, you can now focus on getting all the apps you like. That will also give you the chance to gain full value from your SmartPhone.

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