How to Hide Apps on Android: Simple Steps to Follow

We all have some apps in our phones that we would not like them to remain confidential. For example, you can decide to hide dating apps in your phone, especially when you are single and you don’t want other people to perceive you as desperate. Well, you know the world be very hypercritical; therefore it is important to keep some secrets to yourself.

If you have some apps in your phone that you wouldn’t other people to see or access, don’t worry, android has way that you that you can easily hide the apps. In this article, I want to specifically provide you with a guide that you can use when you want to hide apps in your phone.

This Is What We’re Specifically Talking About

Well, I’m not talking about apps that are specially designed to help you lock your apps but rather hide the apps completely that even the icon is not visible. Usually, apps like vault provides you with security measure on your app where by a person will see the icon but will be required to key in a password or code to access the apps.

Although securing apps with passwords and codes is a good way of preventing other people from accessing the information in your app without your permission, the problem is that the intruder will see the apps.

So how can you hide your apps completely so that another person would not even see the icon? Continue reading.

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Using your setting

This is one of the easiest ways that you can use to hide your apps without really uninstalling them. In this process, you first go to settings then choose the apps that you would like to hide. After you have selected the apps, you then choose to disable the apps.

Disabling the apps will make them inaccessible, although they will still be in the phone.

The setting method is often applied on apps that come pre-installed in the phone at the time of the purchase. However, for apps that you have added along the way, you can use these alternative measures:

Using Third Party Tools

Apex Launcher 

Apex launcher is one of the best launchers that you can use to hide your apps and other files in your phone. The app is readily available in Google play store but you only access it at a fee.

Like other apps, you are first required to download and install the app in your phone before you can enjoy the benefits that it comes with it.

Then you are required to open the launcher the select “hide apps” option. After clicking on this option, a list of apps in your phone will show up. Select the apps that you want to hide in your phone.

The press okay. Immediately the apps will be hidden from other parties that want to spy through your phone.

Apex launcher is an app that gives you a wide range of features that you can use to not only hide the apps but also disguise other contents in your phone.

Using downloaded apps for privacy

There are different apps available in the Google play store that you can use to prevent the accessibility of apps in your phone.

The privacy apps come with a wide array of features that allows you to enhance the security of your apps. A good example is how the privacy apps enable you to create a clone app you want to hide and then delete the original app. Although this does not complete hide the app, it creates some confusion to the person trying to invade your privacy.

One of the most effective third party apps that you can use to hide the apps in your phone is privacy hider app.

The first step is to download and install privacyhider.

Then open the privacyhider and select the app you would like to clone. For instance, if you want to clone your dating site, from the privacyhider, you will open the app and then select the option “clone the app”

Immediately you will be notified of that a clone has been created successfully.

Then, you should open the cloned app and created fake logins.

Then open your app drawer and setting and then uninstall your sensitive app. This will make the real app not to be found in your app drawer or setting but only in the privacyhider.

This means, any intruder will only access the cloned app which does not have much information. Amazing, right!

Using AppLock

AppLock is one of the widely used apps used by people with android phones to hide their apps and other contents in their phone. The app is downloadable in the Google play store.

AppLock comes with a wide range of features that allow you to not only hide your apps but also hide your pictures, among other files.

All you will be required to do is download the apps and install it in your phone. Then open the app and select the apps and files that you will like to hide or restrict access.

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Hiding apps in the phone is a personal choice. Usually, the decision is triggered by the personal reason for instance, hiding some private information from some opinionated people who wouldn’t like them see the apps or other files in your phone.

However, it is advisable to avoid apps that promise to hide your apps without a clear process on how to restore them back in your phone. Therefore when downloading a give third party app, it is important to first learn more about the app.

If you want to select the right app for locking or hiding the apps in your phone, you can read the reviews which have been left be people who have used the apps before. The app reviews posted by the customers on the Google Play store provides customers with ability to learn more about the apps.

Generally, hiding apps can give you the confidence to freely allow others to access your phone because you are sure they will not be able to access the apps that you have already hidden them. 

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