How to get more pokeballs in Pokemon go

For every gaming enthusiast out there, Pokémon go has to be high up your list. This is a game based on augmented reality and it involves catching virtual animals called Pokémon. To catch these Pokémon, you would need pokeballs.

To attempt to catch a Pokémon in the wild, you would hold down on the pokeball, slide it up and then launch it towards the Pokémon. If the poke ball hits the target, then the Pokémon will be caught. You will notice that higher level Pokémon always attempt to break free.

As a player, you can also use the pokeballs to increase their bonuses. You do this by aiming the ball towards the center of the circle. You will get a higher bonus depending on how close your ball is to the center of the circle.

The above points point to the fact that perhaps pokeballs are the most important tool in the game. This begs the question “How do you get more pokeballs in the game?” Well, this article aims to answer this question by providing several tips on how you may get more pokeballs in Pokémon Go. 

Spend time around pokestops

Pokeballs show up most frequently at pokestops. Whenever you visit a pokestop, you activate a prize wheel which awards more items when it is spun. This wheel has a habit of awarding players with pokeballs.

Furthermore, pokestops constantly update after a few minutes. This means that the more the pokestops, the higher your chances of being awarded with an item, which in most cases is a pokeball. Just spin the wheel and the rest will take care of itself.

Therefore, identify all the pokestops in your locality and spend there as much time as possible. Always ensure that your phone is fully charged so that you can spend maximum time outdoors “hunting’.

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Level up

One of the best aspects of Pokémon go is the leveling aspect. The more you play, the more you level up. For every level that the trainer gets to, they are awarded with several prizes, among which are pokeballs. These balls help in piling up your Pokémon captures.

What you should know is that these experience points are not just awarded randomly. They are based on certain aspects.

For instance, for every new Pokémon that you capture, you will earn 500XP; For every other Pokémon you capture but of the same species, you earn 100XP; For each Pokémon hatched, you will earn 200XP; For each pokestop that you visit, you earn 50XP and for every Pokémon evolved, you earn 500XP.

Also, if you toss these pokeballs well, you will be awarded with some XP too. However, you cannot depend on leveling up for restocking in the long term.

Purchase them from the store

If you cannot locate a pokestop nearby or you are not leveling up as quickly as you would have hoped, you can get more pokeballs from the store. This transaction would be in the form of Pokecoins, which is an in-app currency.

If you are wondering where or how you can get this currency, here is the solution. The first way is by earning them; this you do by becoming a gym leader and defending your position several times, earning you some income. You can also purchase pokecoins in real cash; for instance, you will get 100 pokecoins for $0.99.

Once you get the pokecoins, you can now purchase the pokeballs. To acquire 20 pokeballs, you will have to spend 100 pokecoins; for 100 pokeballs, you will spend 460 pokecoins and for 200 pokeballs you will spend 800 pokecoins and so on.

Picking up failed pokeballs (speculation alert)

Note that this method has not yet been officially confirmed or approved. From the numerous reviews online, some players have suggested that with the perfect timing, you can pick up a pokeball after a failed capture attempt.

They have given two options on how to go about it; First, they claim that if you tap the ball really fast just after failure, you may successfully pick it up. The other way that they claim this to work is that after a failed capture attempt, you should let the ball roll on the ground for a short while and then tapping it to pick it up.

Let us stress again that apart from the online chatter, there is no tangible proof yet that this method works but it is always worth a try.

Unlocking better pokeballs

At the starting point of this game, you are given 50 pokeballs. However, as you progress further into the game to higher levels, you will gain access to better pokeballs. At level 12, you will unlock Great balls. These pokeballs can capture wilder and tougher Pokémon which are normally resistant when the attempt is made by a regular pokeball.

At level 20, you will unlock Ultra Balls. This version of pokeballs has an even higher success rate than Great Balls. In similar fashion, they are used to capture tougher Pokémon, which would have been almost impossible to catch with pokeballs of a lower level.

Apart from attaining Ultra Balls by getting to higher levels, you can also get them at the various pokestops within your area.

Master Balls are the pokeballs which you would attain upon reaching level 30. They record the highest success rates in terms of capturing Pokémon.

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In conclusion

There are ways in which you can beat the system. This is called GPS spoofing, in that you can trick your device into thinking you are out there walking while in reality, you are on a sofa somewhere relaxing. You would need a GPS spoofing app to do the trick.

We however advice you to play a clean game not just for ethical purposes but also because the developer may block your account if you are caught out practicing this vice.

Furthermore, you have no guarantee that this spoofing app will help you advance to higher levels. So let’s stick to the rules and enjoy the game, shall we?

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