How to Get Coins in Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is a video game that was established in 2016 and took the world by storm. The game has continued to widely be played by many people across the world. It has virtually been tried by everyone across the world. The certified phenomenon has continued to be upgraded to improvement how players engage with the game.

Pokemon Go is played for free on iOS and on Android. Pokemon go received many praises for its concept although it experienced various technical problem. The app of the game was downloaded widely because of its compatibility with different versions of operating systems.

The Truth about Pokemon Go

The game was made through collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic. The augmented reality game comes with good graphics. For new players, pokemon go is a game that will leave you glued to your smartphone because of captivating challenges that it comes with.

But before we learn on how get coins of Pokemon go, let’s first help beginners to be with us on the same page.

A Different Kind of Experience

Pokemongo is different from other video games because it done not engage in the use of keypad to control the virtual avatar.Commonly, when playing video games, gamers usually hold keypads and direct the virtual avatar through different levels. Although this is still entertaining, it does not have the reality touch of the game.

Pokemon go usually requires the players to engage with the game by actually working as the avatar. By this, I mean, the players is required to actually take the action that should be taken by the virtual avatar. The direct control of the virtual avatar creates an aspect of reality in the game, making it really interesting.

Even if you are not a gaming enthusiast, pokemon go can is a good game for everyone who likes exploring. But who does not!When playing the game, you are going to explore the virtual world and enjoy the monumental stops that are placed in various sections of the game.

How to Get Started As A Newbie

As a new player, the first step is to download the game into your phone, and sign in using your Google account. Before you start, you are required to first customize your virtual avatar to suit your preferences. This can include choose gender, dress style andhair color among other physical and external appearance of the avatar.

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Once you have finished customizing your virtual avatar, you are immediately provided with three virtual avatars which you are required to select the one of them. When you select one, the other two disappear and now your role is to find the missing two.

At least you now have an idea of what pokemon go entails. Now, let us proceed to our main subject of pokemon coins.

There are two ways that you can use to earn pokemon go coin; maneuvering through the gyms or directly buying from the store. The developers of the game added this features as a motivation to the players for them to develop a sense of achievement as they continue playing the game. The two methods are:

Regular play 

In the regular play, you will spend even a real dime to earn the currency on pokemon go. All you will need to do is to engage with the game through the different Gyms. At level five, you are given the opportunity to visit the Gym, where you are required to select three color codes: yellow, Blue and Red. In the Gym, you are required to engage in various battles within a team. You will join millions of other players in the world, where you will all work together to be a successful team.

As you continue becoming successful in your Gym, you get the opportunity to earn pokemon coins. The more you win battles the more pokemon coins you win. But what are the coins for?

The pokemoncoins help you to progress through the different levels and also give you the power to evolve your virtual avatar. It is creates a sense of achievement because it means that you are doing fine in the pokemongo game.

The Gym

In 2017, the Gyms were upgraded, including new method and aspects of engaging with teams in a Gym. Under this method, you will earn a pokemon coin every 10 minutes you spend in the Gym. The pokemon coins that you have earned will be surrendered to your pokemon coin immediately you have been removed from the Gym.

Since the 2017 upgrade, you are provided with an opportunity to earn up to 50 pokemon coins in Gyms.

This is different from the previous method of earning pokemon coins where you spent over 21 hours in the Gym and still earn 10 pokemon coins.

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Upgrade from the shop

This is a relatively simple way of earning pokemon coins, albeit relatively expensive. Under this method, all you need to do is to visit the pokemon store and buy the pokemon coins.

The pokemon coins are bought using real currency, where a given set of pokecoins are sold at certain amount.However, it is important to note that the cost ofpokemon coins varies from one shop to the other. But, all in all, ensure that you buy pokemon coins from authorized dealers to avoid losing your money from online scammers.

Any way you decide to use to get pokemon coins, you will still enjoy the same benefits such as evolving the avatar and gaining more success in the game. Earning the coins from the shop is a sureway of earning as much coins as you want depending on the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the video game.

However, while getting pokemon coins by buying the store is simple, working through the Gyms is a challenging exercise that gives the players an opportunity to hone their skills.

Final Thoughts

 Apart from coins, pokemongo is a game that will give you a new level of engagement with video games and new challenges that makes the game more appealing. Its realistic nature makespokemon go a game that can be played even by the

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