How to forward a text: here is how

Have you ever received a text message from a friend that you really wanted to forward to other friends but you did not know how? Then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn on how you can easily forward text message from your phone to another phone.

There are different reasons that can make you want to forward a text message to another person. May be you have agreed to meet with a friend for dinner and one of your friends has sent you a text message saying that he or she will not be coming for the dinner. During this time, you can decide to forward the text message to others the message you have received from the friend.

Or even, you can decide to forward a text message of a given particular news or special information to others. For instance, if you are a student, and you have just received a message that classes have been changed, you may want to forward the message to your classmate about the message.

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What is a text message? 

Texting is one of the best methods of passing information from one person to the other. Text message is a form of digital media that allows fast exchange of short messages.

Initially, text messages only used alphanumerical characters, but with growth of technology, mobile phones are able to send text messages that combine multimedia platforms. Smartphones allows for exchange of multimedia messages from one phone to the other.

Text messages helps you access information fast because they are usually short and usually consumes less airtime as compared to calls.

Structuring of text messages

Structuring text messages is different from forwarding because it allows you place characters in the way you want.

Structuring a text message, you are required to press the menu and select the messaging app. On this app, go to write a text message. Here, you will have a blank sheet where you will key in your text message using the keys in your phone.

Writing a message involves pressing the keys on the keyboard of your phone. The keys provide the keys with both numbers and alphabets in order to create a message.

Forwarding a text message

Since now you are fully aware of different aspects of text messages, let us go back to the main reason for writing this article.

When you want to forward a text message, you are first required to open the message they want to open. It is always advisable to open and re-read the message to ensure that you are forwarding the right message.

If you are using a smartphone, you are required to press and hold the message that you want to forward. When press and hold, a drop-down menu will appear with various options such as delete, forward, edit and change format among other options.

Scroll down and go to the forward the message. When you select the “Forward message” a new window will appear with the message that you want to forward, but with blank on the contact section. This blank section gives you an opportunity to insert the contact that you want to receive the message.

Adding the recipients of your message

When adding the contacts, you can either insert the number directly or you can select from your phonebook. Usually, adding directly is for contacts that are not in your phonebook or that you have mastered. However, it is advisable to take contacts directly from your phone book because it minimizes the chances of forwarding the text message to the wrong recipients.

Phones provide you with an option of forwarding a text message to multiple recipients. In this instance, you only need to press the blank contact section on the upper part of your message, and then click on “add from phonebook”

The phone book will appear where you will mark all the contacts that you want them to receive your message and press okay. You can choose from one contact to as many contacts as your airtime data will allow you toward. When you press okay, the contacts that you have selected will appear on the upper contact section of your message.

Then press “send the message”. Immediately, the messages will start sending. If you have set your phone to receive delivery note, every time your recipients receive and open the text message, you will receive a “delivery note”. If you don’t receive the delivery note, then just know that the recipient has not received or opened the message. This usually happens when the phone of the recipient is on, or in a flight mode.

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Quick guides 

Firstly, remember to correctly check the number that you are forwarding the message to. This is to prevent the message from going to the wrong person. To avoid sending the message to wrong recipient you can select the contacts from the phone book.

Next thing, avoid forwarding text messages without just as you have received them. There are two reasons behind this argument.

Firstly, some messages can be carrying content that is not good for every person. Some messages can be confidential, or may be carrying nasty messages. Forwarding such messages can taint your reputation, because some recipients may regard you as the bad person rather than the actual sources of the message.

Therefore read through the message to understand the content to determine whether it is right to forward as it is, or you can edit it to forward it in reporting format, or you add a disclaimer below the message to disconnect your image from the content on the text message.

Secondly, forwarding a text message as it is can make you forward messages with grammatical errors. Therefore, reading keenly through the message is important to ensure that you forward a message that makes sense to other readers.

However, you can still edit the message to help other people understand the message that you are forwarding.

Alternatively, you can add a head to say that you are forwarding the text message just like you received it. This makes readers to disconnect you from the content, sentence structure and the entire message that you have forwarded.

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