How to fix headphone jack: here is the quick guide

If you can’t hear the music in your phone or you can’t hear the caller on the other end when you pick the phone? Then there is a problem with your headphone. When the headphone breaks it makes it impossible to pass information from the phone to the ears. Usually, when this problem occurs, headphone jack is area that mostly breaks down.

Although fixing the jack can be somehow complicated, you can just try fixing it on your own before you can engage an expert, or even before deciding to dispose it and acquire a new one. In this article, I am giving you some quick advice on you can fix your headphone jack when it experiences a problem. But wait?

What is headphone and what is a jack?

First, let us understand what a headphone is. A headphone is a hearing device that enables mobile users to communicate and hear information from the phone while it is in the pocket. The headphones come with a jack pin, a pin-like stuff, which is connected in the jack-hole on the phone. The Jack is the hole-like opening on the phone where the jack pin is connects to allow connection between the phone and the headphone.

Although there are wireless headphones that connect to the earphone through the Bluetooth, wired headphones are more popular and used by the many people across the world.

When buying headphones, it is important to ensure that you invest you money on a durable wired headphone to avoid breakages. Strong headphones are usually difficult to break because they come with a rubber cover that stretches whenever the headphone is bent.

Remember, you can buy a headphone from an electronic shop near you, or you can order to one from various online stores of your choice. Just like phones, there are different brands of headphones which in the market, therefore the need to ensure that you buy from a brand that is known for quality.

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Before you can think of fixing your headphone

Before you can start to fix your headphone, it is important to first ensure that it is really the one with problem. Some times, you may rush to fixing or replacing your headphone, only to realize that the problem is emanating from your phone. So how do you understand the cause of the problem?

When you realize that your headphone is no longer operational, it is important to take a different headphone and test it with you phone. This because of the fact that fixing a jack can sometimes be very complicated as compared other parts of headphone.

If you realize that the new headphone is operating, then you understand that your headphones have a problem. But if otherwise, then the problem is in your phone.

Clean your headphone jack

This is one of the effective methods of fixing your headphone jack. Because jacks are often placed in the pocket while pinned in the headphone opening, it is likely to get dirt which can hinder its effectiveness.

The dirt that accumulate in the headphone jack prevents effective operation because it of low level of connection between the jack-pin and the jack.

To clean the headphone jack, you can blow in air using a blower or you can use a compressor to blow in air so as to remove the accumulated dirt.

You can also use a cotton wool to remove lint that accumulates in the jack.

Restart your phone

Another alternative to fixing the headphone jack is to restart your phone. Some times, the problem facing a headphone jack can be caused by the internal operations of the operating system. Therefore restarting the phone helps to address the problem.

Check out your settings

Sometime, jacks can fail to operate because of the internal setting of your phone. If the setting is not right, it can difficult to pass the information from the phone to the headphone. So how do you address the setting option? In this, it all depends with the area of the phone that is producing the sound.

If it is you audio player, you should allow the music to play via external output. You should go to setting of your audio or video player and select play from an external output. This will allow the sound to stop playing from the speakers of your phone to the headphones.

Although most phones allow automatic connection through headphone when a jack-pin is connected, some times the phone can fail to directly connect.
In this regard, it is important to trying examining the settings of your call log.

Check with experts

When realize that the headphone is not playing or calling, and you confirm that actually the phone has the problem. This is the time to take another option of going for experts.

You can decide to go to the experts that manufactured your headphone jack or you can reach for electronic shop near you.

The experts understand more about phones, headphone and jack and therefore can effectively help to address your problem. And of course at fee, you had not warranty. Additionally, working experts is important because they also advice you on the mistakes you should avoid to prevent other problems with your headphone jack.

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Bluetooth connection

Most people play music on their Bluetooth to external speaker that is not connected to the phone using a wire. In such a situation, even when you put in your headphone into the phone, it will still not play through the headphone because the sound is still going through the Bluetooth.

In this regard, it is advisable to check your Bluetooth connection and close it in order to allow the sound to go through the headphones.

Final thought

In case you have tried all these options and none seems to help you in fixing your headphone jack, then it is time you invest in a new one. However, this is an option that you should be advised by the experts that are well acquainted with headphone jacks. 

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