How to Deactivate Instagram: A Few Simple Steps

Creating an account on social media can be easy as compared to deactivating or deleting the account. For instance, many people are aware on the process of creating an Instagram account but they are not quite sure on how to about deactivating their account.

Social media

The useother people. Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram amon of social media has promoted communication between people and improved social connection across the world. The social media has significantly contributed to globalization where people from thousand miles can share pictures and information beyond their physical boarders.

Instagram has exten

There are a wide range of social media platforms that people across the world can use to communicate with g other social media sites. In this article I want to focus on Instagram as one of the trendy social media platforms that are widely used especially by celebrities.

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What is Instagram? 

sively been embraced by both young and in equal measure. We all love taking pictures with our smartphones and posting in our social media platforms. This is the whole idea behind Instagram. Instagram specifically provides people who are love pictures to take pictures and share with their friends.

Like any other social media platform, when joining Instagram, you are required to first create an Instagram account. You also choose the name that you want to be using on your Instagram account. You then customize your account so that it can perfectly look the way you want it to be. Actually, Instagram works like a simplified version of Facebook with emphasis on sharing of photographs.

On Instagram, you connect with other people by following them. Or people following you. When you take your nice photograph, you post it in your account and it immediately shows on in your profile. From the profile, the people who follow you will see the photo on your profile.

Usually, fans that follow a given celebrity learns get the opportunity to see the places visited by the celebrity and the new trendy clothes worn by the celebrity. Usually, Instagram communicating using pictures.

Although creating Instagram account is relatively easy, deactivating the account can be very complicating. In this article, I want to provide you with a guide that you can use to deactivate your Instagram account from your phone.

Why delete your instagram account

There are various reasons that can make you want to delete your Instagram account. For example, you can decide to delete your Instagram account when you’ve just reached a point where you are tired or bored of posting and taking of pictures.

You can also decide to deactivate your account when you’ve reached a point where you want to quit social media and just focus on other matters that you think to be very important to you.

Procedure for deleting your Instagram gram account

To delete your Instagram account, you are first required to log in. You can log in using either your smartphone or your personal account. Just remember, you cannot deactivate your Instagram account from the app.

Once you are logged in, go to the upper right side of your account to access the profile of your account.

You are required to press on edit profile and From the “edit profile” page, scroll down to the bottom page where you will get the option “temporarily disable my account” at the bottom left of the corner.

When you choose to temporarily deactivate your account, a prompt question will require you to provide the reason why you really want to delete the account.

At this point you will be required to re-enter your password and immediately your account will be deactivated. A pop up message will appear informing you that your instagram has temporarily been deactivated.

Your account will remain deactivated until the time you reactivate your account again.

Although deactivating your account is a good decision especially when you want to remain off for a given period of time. However, in the event that you can want to permanently remain out of instagram, it is important you then choose to delete your account.

Deleting your instagram account is like permanently deactivating your account. You can decide to permanently deactivate your account when you are sure that you no longer want to your instagram account ever. However, even with permanently deactivation, you always open a new account since you can no longer access or use your account when you have deleted it or permanently deactivated it.

The process for deleting your instagram account is virtually the same as the process for deactivating your account.

Deleting your instagram account

In the same way used in deactivating your account, you are first required to log into your instagram account before you can delete your account.

Then you select delete your account option which is found on the “edit profile page”

Then press “delete my instagram account”

When you chose to delete your account, like in the deactivation of the process, you will be prompted to choose a reason why you are deleting you instagram account.

After you have selected the reason why, you will be required to re-enter your password. Then click on the option “Permanently delete my account”

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It is important to understand that deactivating or permanently deleting your instagram account is irreversible. This simply means that once you have deleted your account, you cannot recover it or even use it again.

Additionally, when you delete your instagram, you will automatically lose all your photos, your followers and your profile. Generally, you will lose all the aspects and customizations of your account. And you will no longer sign in, into your account.

You can deactivate or delete your instagram of your account only by logging into your account through your phone or computer but not through your instagram app.

However, it is important to first deactivate your Instagram account then you take some time to think on whether you really want to stay off Instagram. If you feel you no longer want to be on Instagram, then you can go head and permanently delete the account. 

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