How to backup contacts on Android: Latest Details

In this era of smartphones, it is quite easy to lose our data from our phones. You may install a malware or just a bad update and your device would just be corrupted. All the data including contacts would just be wiped out and you would have to go back to step one.

It is also possible to lose contacts after you have acquired a new phone. Every time you bought a new phone you would have to write down your contacts and then enter them afresh into your phone.

This manual transfer of contacts is both tiresome and archaic. We will give you more advanced and easier ways of backing up your contacts.

Backing up to your Gmail account

This is probably the simplest means of backing up your contacts from your android phone. Since Google owns android, the phones are always connected to a Google account. Any time you add a contact to your phone, they will automatically be added to your Google account.

Steps to saving contacts on Google

First and foremost, ensure that your phone is already synced with your Google account. If not, navigate to settings, followed by accounts.

You then select your Google account. Finally, from the various options provided, select “Sync Contacts” and the syncing process would be done.

Your work is now easy. If you acquire a new phone and wish to retrieve your contacts, all you do is sync with your Google account and you easily access your contacts.

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Backing up to SIM card

This method will suit you if you are “loyal” to your SIM card. You may change phones countless times but still remain with the same card. Just follow the following simple steps.

You first open your “Contact” app before tapping the menu button. From the dropdown menu, choose “Import/Export”.

A list of options will be displayed such as “Export from SIM” or “Import from storage”. Select the “Export to SIM” option. In a few seconds, the transfer will be complete.
Simple, isn’t it?

Backing up to external storage

You can backup your contacts to a secure external storage such as SD card or an external hard disk drive. To use this method, you will first open your “contacts” app. You then tap on the menu button and a dropdown menu will be displayed.

Tap on “import/Export” and from the options shown, select “Export to storage”. In a short while, the process will be complete.

You may notice that this method follows exactly the same steps as backing up to the SIM card.

Backing up to 3rd party apps

In recent years, software developers have come up with various applications in which you may store your contacts. This article will pay attention to Super Backup &Restore app.

You have to download the app from the Google playstore. Install and then launch it. A screen, giving you a range of options on what to backup, will be displayed.

You select contacts and another screen will be displayed for you. Tap on “backup” and give the process time to complete.

Another feature of this app is regular backup. You can set it such that it would conduct regular backups and you would not need to upload new contacts to the app every time you get one on your phone.

Backing up to your windows PC

It is also possible for you to store your contacts on your PC. You will use the program dr.fone- Backup & Restore.

It comes with the dr.fone toolkit and is a relatively safe means of backing up your data. You would also be pleased to know that the program is compatible with thousands of android devices.

To use the program, you first have to download it from the windows store. Do not worry about encountering challenges during installation as you will be provided with simple on-screen guidelines.

From the options provided on the welcoming screen, click on “Backup& restore” and you will proceed to the next step.

You then connect your phone to the PC via USB cable. Ensure that the USB has been debugged. Once the application detects your device, it will provide you with two options; to backup or restore.

Click on backup to start the process. You will move to the next window.

In this window, you will simply decide which data you want to backup. We are interested in contacts and so you will click on “contacts” box followed by clicking on the “Backup” button.

The backup process will officially commence. The will be an indicator on the screen to inform you as to how far the process has gone.

Disconnecting your device would automatically cancel the whole process. It also has the potential of damaging your device.

The user interface will inform you when the process is complete by displaying the message “Backup has been completed”. If you wish to see the backup, you can click on the “view backup button”.

Wrapping it up

Data loss is an accident that is always waiting to happen. A malware attack, a drop on the ground or just a press on the wrong button is more than enough to completely wipe out your contacts list.

Always ensure that you protect yourself from such events by having sufficient backup for your data. The backup method you use should also be relatively easy for you whenever you feel like retrieving your contacts.

You should be extra cautious particularly with the 3rd party apps. Some of them may not entirely guarantee that your privacy is secured.

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Point to Note

Another point to note is paying attention during the installation processes of these apps and programs. You may relax thinking that you have sufficient backup, yet the app is not functioning. Even worse, a “hanging” app may result in complications for the entire Os or cause damages.

You may find using your Gmail account to be the most reliable means since the data is backed up in the cloud.

Do as much research as you can before employing a particular means but the final choice should rest with you!

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